Sunday’s fun in London


Hello everyone,

I had really lovely weekend. Finally, sunny weather visited London last weekend and I could enjoy the right indian summer in centre London. This weekend was a little bit crazy. Maybe because of the sunny weather my mood got on extreme level. Really, I was so happy and silly all day long. (as you can see on photos)

The best company for my naughty/fun day was my great friend Kate who is the person who know me from my first time in London. I met her 3 years ago and although I have to say our beginnings were tough, we’re flawless friend for 2 years. We’ve pretty different personalities and each of us have different point of view and different oppinions but I love her and I hope that she will always stay part of my life. Forever and ever :) !!!




Little Venice /Maide Vale

Our first “trip” was in a beautiful part of London called Maide Vale. Especially we wanted to visit a little Venice which is a tranquil canal where you can enjoy a coffee or a meal on the “water”. There are lots of pubs or cafes but mainly there is a beautiful nature, which may resemble Venice. (I don’t think so) :)



Hyde park

I love when I can enjoy a nice time and weather with friends in the park. It’s normal for everyone in England but not for czechs. Czech people don’t sit on the grass in the park and enjoy time together (maybe when they’re drunk). Hyde park is the most famous park in London and if you are visiting London I’m sure you’ll visit this park. And why not? It is the biggest park in London, it’s free and way beautiful.


Outfit/make up

When I want to enjoy my free time with my friends and want to feel free and comfortable I always choose jeans and something simple. I think it is good to feel comfortable and especially when you want to visit parks or another attractions in the city. This Sunday I chose super simple outfit for a long day in the city. I was wearing blue slim jeans, simple black top, my favorite checked shirt, brown handbag and Adidas trainers. Believe me I was so happy that I was wearing trainers because we were walking about 2 hours just from Maida vale to Notting Hill. :/ I can’t imagine walking this way in heels !! (London is a enormously big) :))



My make up was as simple as my outfit. Nothing special for Sunday chilling in the park. I used hair extensions from SUNMAY (100% human and quality).



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