DIY: Cute Easter bunny

Easter in the UK is a little bit different than in the Czech Republic but still, it is mainly a welcoming of a spring. I love when the weather is pretty spring and everything around us is awaken.

I tried to make something new. I’ve seen these bunnies on Facebook and I totally loved them. I have to try to make them with kids.

 It’s pretty easy and it’s a cute decoration for Easter. You’ll love them !


  • Socks
  • Scissors
  • Rice
  • Thread
  • Ribbon


The first step is filling socks. Fill your sock with 8 spoons of rice, however,  it depends on size sock, you might have to use more, but I used just 8 spoons for kids size sock. My tip, how to fill the sock easily and without the mess, is to use sellotape. (it’s definitely easier for kids!)


Now you have to make a body and head. You will need thread and separate filled sock into two parts. Body and head part tie with the thread, but really well, especially if bunny will be used as a toy for kids.


Perfect! We have the body and head and now we need to make bunnies years. Which is pretty easy. You just need to cut end of the sock in half and thus, we create two years. As the last step of the body, we finish years and create their form.



It’s easy and quick! Now, we have bunnies body.  The last thing we have to do is a face (eyes and nose). You can use a black fix or if you are more creative you can make eyes and face with details. And the last thing gonna be ribbon. I used easter ribbon and my bunnies are a just small inspiration for Easter, but if you wanna use bunnies for kids as their toys, you can be more creative.


And there is the result! …. I love them! It’s a great decoration for your home.




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