11 things to do in London this summer

I can’t imagine a better city for your summer holiday than London. Ok, maybe it’s not the “sunniest” city in the world , but it’s London. It’s the city of parks, Buckingham palace, and amazing summer fun. Here are few inspirations for your summer days in London.

1. Picnic

I love it when I can take my friends, few Ciders with sandwiches and just chill in the park. It doesn’t matter where or which park we choose, I don’t know anything better than a day spent in the park. The picnic is the most typical British fun, and trust me I know why. Just take some food, drinks, blanket, music and spend time enjoying the fresh air. And honestly, British parks are incredible!

2. Rooftop bars

Great summer time is on the rooftop where you can take your friends for drinks or meals. London has lots of rooftop bars in the city centre, where you can enjoy your summer and get better atmosphere with London’s skyline. My favourite is Big Chill House.

3. Open air cinema

London has lots of open air cinemas and tickets aren’t so expensive.

4. Festivals

The best fun for me and the reason why I totally love Summer. The fact that we can spend time somewhere at a festival, where the world is just one big party with live music, with massive crowds of people, cold drinks, and totally perfect atmosphere. I love my memories from festivals. There are a lot of great festival in the UK with pretty good line-ups. If you’re feeling lucky you can try to win tickets or buy it early so it’s too expensive. I going to Reading Festival this year.


5. Travel

Ok, London is incredible, but if you are in the UK, it’d be a shame not to visit other cities and see something else from England. Also, you can visit England’s beaches,

6. Special events

Make your summer day special! Let’s make a special event just for your friends! Try to take them to a park where is a natural lake, after that you can do BBQ together.

7. Sightseeing with fun

Weather in London isn’t hot every single day and that is a great time to visit museums or galleries. There is going to be so many great cultural, historical events. Try to get some inspiration and find something to on the Timeout website.

8. Notting hill Carnival

OMG! The biggest event in the summer! You can’t miss it! Two day festival full of live music, traditional food and amazing Carribean atmosphere.

9. Food festival

One of the biggest food festivals is in Camden Town, where you can try different world cuisines. Also, one amazing food market is in London Bridge. Don’t forget about the beer festivals!.

10. AcelorMittal Orbit slide

Huge slide in the Olympic centre is a new attraction in the London. Tickets start from £10 per Adult. Let’s slide it down and have fun!

11. Boat party

A Hot night with drinks and friends! In London there are lots of boat parties where you can really enjoy the summer night. Just be careful and don’t fall off the boat. (Themes isn’t clean)



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