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Indian summer in Waterlow Park

Maybe, you will agree with me when I say that all the best things are for free. We don’t need to pay for love, nature, happiness. And I am not going to pay for my love for Autumn season. I always enjoy every single day of the right Indian summer, and just for a few simple reasons which make me so happy, so lucky and in the good mood. As these simple reasons are considered last rays of the sun, amazing colours everywhere around me and this feel when nature is starting to be pretty tired. Simply everything is just chilling around us after hot summer. (Especially after last hot summer)!

I spent one Autumn day in Waterlow Park which is located in Highgate Village. I was enjoying my favourite season and you can see some photos from this day. (Also, from Highgate)

waterlow-park3 waterlow-park7 waterlow-park4 waterlow-park5 waterlow-park-1 waterlow-park2 waterlow-park9 waterlow-park6



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