Saturday in Oxford

I can calmly say that I love Oxford a lot, maybe more than just a lot. I was there 3 years ago, but only to visit some friends and have parties with guys there. Those times are gone and I finally really enjoyed Oxford town for the first time as a tourist.  (Of course, as real passionate tourist I had to buy original Oxford hoodie).

I was telling to my friend that I am absolutely sure about Oxford uniqueness and to be honest, I can imagine my life there. All Oxford’s students are so lucky that they have this opportunity to study there. (When I get my memories from my student’s city and lifestyle in the Czech republic it’s really bittersweet memory, but still, I am happy for all of them. Ok, maybe I can add a little bit jealousy to all my feelings).

All my Saturday was absolutely amazing. We had a really lovely day in Oxford and also after it. Maybe I can call it Oxford’s day because we also watched The Riot club this evening and find ourselves absolutely tired.  And of course, we watched it in our new Oxford’s hoodies. :)) xx

Enjoy a few photos from my trip





  1. Josh @
    22.2.2017 / 12:56

    Still yet to visit here, but really want to. Have you ever been to Bath? It looks quite similar and historic


    • 22.2.2017 / 14:58

      Not yet, but It’s on my “do” list so I am sure I will travel there this year. :)

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