Morning routine for better day

I’ve always been a morning person and so active during morning time. I think it’s really important to be active from early morning and start your day a well. I know lots of people who love to be sleeping to 11 am or 12 pm. Because we all are unique and absolutely different I am fine with this, but I am sure if you start your day early and actively your all day will be more productive. 

There ar a few morning routines which are important for me and I’ve never tried to skipped them. 

Have a glass of water

It’s really helpful and you will feel like your body is thankful for it. It’s pretty easy and so good for us. So don’t leave your house without the glass of water.

Morning breakfast

I know, we are in the rush every morning so we don’t have time to have a breakfast, but that’s not true. We all have the time to eat something small or just take some smoothie. I love breakfast and I am one of these people who spend the morning with big breakfast and the cup of tea or coffee.


Don’t check your phone as first-morning thing

Just don’t do it! I used to do it but I’ve stopped it because I was frustrated with myself that first thing which I need in my day is a phone. Ok, just swipe off your alarm on it, but that’s all. Don’t spend first 5 minutes of your day with the phone. 

Stretch, run or workout

I would like to say that I am someone who runs every day to my work (I really appreciated all of these people) but when I have time during my morning I go to the gym or spinning. I get more blood flowing and more inspiration to work.  If you can’t to go to the gym just do a short stretching in your room. 

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Change your dress 

Being a woman is quite annoying, especially in a makeup morning routine. I’ve always got up and changed my dress immediately. It’s really hard to change your dress and make your makeup when you stay all day in pyjamas. Also, my opinion is that If you look nice a during all day, you will be more confident, more open to showing how amazing you are and beautiful. Absolutely, doesn’t matter what kind of job or day plans you have this day.  Don’ skip makeup (I don’t think you have to look like the makeup artist and don’t skip dressing up).

Planning planning planning 

I have maybe 3 grades of my planning. First is my week planning. I do it every Sunday in the bed straight before my sleep. So I make plan into my diary and week table planner. There are all my kinds of stuff for one week. Second is every day also in the evening when I make the plan for the next day. (My working time, my blogging, social sites, gym etc). And the last one is every morning when I just check what is my plan and what I really want to do. I think it’s important to make plans, but if you haven’t got good mood this day, it doesn’t make sense to do it. Don’t make your life cheesed off (…. but also keep doing something from your plans). 

I have to say every day is busy for me and I am trying to keep it because I think we all have to live ours lives to the fullest and trust my morning is the key how to improved your day a lot. 





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