My holiday in Rome


So I am back from my short trip to Italy. I had never been in Italy before this trip and I need to say I was really excited to visit the city of Rome. My expectations were big but now I can say reality is better and bigger. Let’s say Rome is something else. I keep a huge feels for this city. That’s a reason why I’ve already book a fly ticket to Rome again. Yes, I am going to Rome again and I have to see what I haven’t seen yet, I need to try what I haven’t tried yet. I am absolutely in love with Rome and I can’t believe that I really booked that ticket only a few hours after my arrival back to London. 

During those 3 days in Rome, I tried to see everything but trust me we didn’t have any chance. All this history is so huge and I don’t want to be rude and miss something important from Rome. The first day we saw a Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Centro Storico, Vatican, Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. etc … I think we saw almost everything that is typical for Rome. I am quite disappointed that I didn’t have time to see Bocca Della Verita. I am sure this is going to be the first thing I will see there in May. 

Italian Food

I can’t explain how amazingly Italian food tastes. I’ve just remembered how all my Italian friends were telling me that traditional food in Italy is much better than in London and that I will love it. And they were absolutely right! Also, as a big fan of wines, I was in a heaven. 

Hotel in Vatican

We were so lucky! Our hotel was so beautiful and pretty old, but still so classy and stylish. You could feel old times and history of everything. I am not a too picky person and I don’t need to be surrounded by luxury during my travelling, so I was really satisfied with my accommodation. The breakfast was simple, but still enough for me. Location of hotel was incredible, only a few steps from Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. I can calmly recommend the Hotel Columbus

The best for me …

I absolutely loved everything and I am sure I will get more from Rome next time. My heart has stuck with the Trevi Fountain. This place is so magical. Just being with all the people who are throwing coins into the fountain it’s something so incredible. I’ve read somewhere that first throwing coin is for happiness. The second is for fall in love with Italian guy/girl and the third is for getting married in Italy. I think people believe in it, I absolutely believe, so I throw a minimum of 10 coins into the water. (just to make sure that I will be happy … With or without Italian guy). 

I can’t explain how I enjoyed my first Italian trip. I just can believe that I will have more fun and experience in May when I’ll visit Rome again. I really have to change my number 1 trip which was my Christmas trip in ViennaI just feel that Rome is more heartful for me and my third home. 

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