Honey frozen yoghurt bar

When I was looking for another alternative how to skip my bloody “sugary time” (it is coming every day when I really need sugar or something sweet. We all know it! Right?) I had found an amazing and super easy recipe for frozen yoghurt bar. I am sure you will appreciate it because if you like a frozen yoghurt you will make it every day.

I am a big fan of colours in food. If your food will be colourful, also your life will be more powerful and happy. I can’t imagine my life just in a black & white. Also, I need my food to be full of colours and tastes. These bars are so tasty and you can make your own frozen yoghurt. I used a kiwi and granola, but you can use your fantasy and create the colourful “frozen” rainbow.

The bars are without sugar, gluten etc… that’s mean it’s non-naughty treating for us. I used a honey because normally I like Greek yoghurt with honey, but I am sure you can try to mix in something else (fruits, nuts, peanut butter …).

Cheap, easy and healthy. So let’s forgot all those unhealthy snacks and let’s try to make this bars.

You will need these ingredients:

0% fat Greek yoghurt




In a bowl beat a greek yoghurt with a honey. You can mix it with nuts, seeds, fruits, chocolate chips. I used only honey.

Use a pan or food container with the same size and line it with parchment paper. Spoon yoghurt mixture into the pan. Springle with granola or fruits.

Let’s freeze it over night.

Next day remove a parchment paper from frozen yoghurt and cut into bars.

Easy, isn’t it? So let’s try it …

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