Why you should travel alone?

It’s wonderful to travel with someone and share with them all those experiences but If you’d ask me if I prefer to travel alone, I will always say “Yes. I love it”. I am one of those people who enjoy travel alone and there are lots of reasons why we love it.

1. It’s easy to make decision 

One of the reasons why I’ve started to travel alone was a challenge to coordinate the same trip with my friends or family. We all have different schedule and jobs, also our expectations were absolutely different. I love cities with history and most of my friends prefer only sunbathing close from the beach. Sometimes it’s really tricky to make plans with the group and nothing is better than just take your time and pack your bags and book a ticket and go anywhere where you want to. 

2. You can meet a new people

You don’t need to be extrovert and if you are alone you always will be a magnet for people around you. Let’s imagine that you are sitting somewhere in a restaurant and people are always amazed that you are travelling alone. You will be chatting with strangers and you never know if somewhere will be your new friend or partner for the next travel. :)

3. Your own bucket list

The best thing ever! You can make your plans, you can go anywhere, you can visit everything that you’ve been dreaming about. You are absolutely free and you can make quick silly decisions. Are you tired? Ok, let’s go to a spa. Are you hungry at midnight? Ok, let’s go somewhere to eat. Do you need to sleep longer? Ok, you can sleep all day. You are a boss of your trip.

4. You take care of yourself

I love to spend quality time with my little personality. Always during my travelling, I am ready to be thinking a lot about myself, my life, my future, what I’ve done wrong and what is actual in my life. You’ll see everything in different light. Solo travelling can be life-changing and enjoyable for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship (can be a really refreshing thing for couples). Just do it!

5. More independent and empower

Maybe for the first time, you will feel weird to sit somewhere alone, without anyone, and watch people having lots of friends around. But trust me, next time you will be confident and you won’t feel weird at all to chat with everyone in the restaurant. You will be absolutely independent and proud of everything bad or good you have ever experienced. I am sure that travelling makes you better and more open minded, but if you will travel on your own – solo, you will be extra super better and open minded. Also, you will be less afraid of your life. 

6. Your own time

Yes, you don’t need to wait for anything and anyone. Do you want to go now? Just go! You don’t need to wait for your friends who are smoking, you don’t need to wait for any friend’s decision. You just have your own time which is so amazing! 

7. You get happy feels

It’s more my personal feel, but always when I am back home from travelling, I am more happy, proud, more experienced, more open minded and I remember everything from my last trip. 

I am sure travelling alone might not be for everyone because still, there is something magical about sharing experience and feels with friends or partner, but you can try it. Just once in your life. To be totally free and independent. You will see that there’s more about it than only travelling and learning about new countries.

Most importantly, there is only you! 




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