Saatchi weekend with selfies in Chelsea

If you thought that “Selfie Era” has passed, you are absolutely wrong! Never! You can be sure that another few years selfies will be still kind of trendy with more filters available.  People made many different kinds of selfies for ages. Let’s imagine 16th century when artists tried to make their own portraits with disposable materials, tools, and talents.

If you have ever been dreaming about giving  Instagram’s  LIKES to Goth’s portrait or to Frida, you have to do it now in Saatchi Gallery close from Sloane Square. This amazing but still quite weird exhibition will be available for free in May 2017.

I just love this simple idea about Instagram like for the best artists. If they had this chance to have Instagram and put their own portraits there I am sure they would be the best of the best.

Mirrors walls were so confusing … 

My absolutely most favourite thing was pompons scanning desk. I don’t know how to describe it but whoever was standing in front of it can see their own silhouette created from those little pompons. 

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The Ivy Chelsea Garden


Straight from the Selfie exhibition, you can go a rest in The Ivy Chelsea restaurant. The most classy and blossomy restaurant in Chelsea area. 

One drink is always a great idea, right? 

…. Also, a salad and glass of good wine in Made In Italy … 

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