Viva Rome

   How’s been said in my last holiday’s Rome post from February I planned another short trip to Italy and so it happened last week. I can’t describe how deeply I am in love with Rome and all Italian’s culture.

It was so liberating for me to spend my own travel time with myself and my camera. I took tons of photos, ate so much delicious food, drink more than one bottle of wine and enjoyed the sun from the fullest. 

“I just love Rome. It really does cast a spell on you.”
                                                              – Alec Baldwin


I am sure amazing views are everywhere, but maybe only in Rome, you can get a rose for free which makes your day sunnier and it warm your heart.

Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world and I have to agree.  Just imagine romance close the Spain steps or the Fontaine de Trevi and of course, an important part of the love is a good food. That all and more make Rome full of love. (Maybe this is the reason why I am in love with Rome)

One of the oldest churches in Rome. I’ve always been quite obsessed with churches. I just cannot get enough of all this architecture and art. 

And the best delight is Gelato ice cream. Italy is known for fresh cuisine and homemade pasta and if I can be honest with you I’ve never eaten better pasta anywhere in the world but in Rome. You can get expensive meals anywhere but also you can have super cheap food if you know where to go. These two ice creams are the best example. First ice cream 5,50 euro and second photo almost 2 euros in the centre. 

More photos from my favourite Rome can be seen on my Instagram

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