My personal life bucket list


Let’s talk about something so important as a life.

I am sure that we all have something that we want to do before we die and all those things will be pretty different. I have my bucket list absolutely full of amazing things and sometimes bit scary.

We are all still busy and rushing somewhere and we are not thinking about when will be our end and from this reason, I think it’s necessary to have a bucket list and dreams which we can make real. Let’s just imagine this amazing and exciting feeling which you get after all.

If you don’t have your bucket list no worries I have some tips for you from my own life dreams.

Travel alone and as much as I can

Travelling is one of the most commons things. I can be the best example for all because I’ve decided to live in another country and change my life. I hope I will travel more and try to learn from all cultures a bit. I don’t need to talk about travelling alone because I just love it and you could read: Why should you travel alone?

Write a book

Maybe you will think “she is 25 years old so how she can write a book” and my answer is “yes, I can and I will”. I love writing and I have lots of what to say. The book is something that keeps you in a mind for ages and ages.

 Run marathon

This is the absolutely crazy thing for me as I am not a big runner but I love to see all runners on London Marathon and their happiness in the finish line.

Be mentor for someone

I mean we all need mentors and I hope one they I will give something from myself and my life experience to a young soul.

All my life one big chill

I wish to keep it real for the rest of my life but be honest it’s not possible to make it. My life is full of stressful things but I am trying to minimalize all negative with meditation or writing. So always is something that we can do to make our life more chill.

Keep myself happy

Basically, I am always pretty happy person but sometimes we all have sad moments and I just want this moment to take away. I know what’s making me happy and simply I just do it.

Emails to myself

One of the best things which I’ve started to do. I write almost every single day one email to myself and explaining my feels and days. If you fight with lots of things inside your minds this is the best way how to make everything easier and can you imagine how amazing will be read all your days a few years later?

Find my better half

Yes, because my life never will be full without my better half. Although, he is still running somewhere across the world and absolutely confused.  :)

Try exotic food in Asia

Yes, including bugs, cockroaches etc …

Travel across Italy

I mean all Italy. I am in love with this beautiful country and I just need more time to make it but I can imagine spent one year in Italy.

Volunteering in Africa and supporting women rights

I can call myself feminism and absolutely I need to visit one of developing countries and support not only women but also their kids. It’s a beautiful thing for a world and people.

Know more than 5 languages

Languages are something that we can improve all life. My next language will be the Italian language.

This is a few important parts of my life bucket list. Of course, I have more dreams which I want to make a true but I can save them for myself and keep them private. I hope you too have your own dreams and life goals and if not maybe these a little dreams will be a great inspiration. 



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