Girls challenge yourself!

Hey girls,

When I was thinking about a new article for the blog and which topic would be useful and important at the same time I found a topic about confident so fitting! 

Be confident is so important for every woman! It’s something that makes us happier, more beautiful, unique and stronger! I am one of those girls who are still fighting with self-esteem and my own confidence. I think I’ve got my confidence and I know what I really need for my life but sometimes I am confused about my life and need just get back my priorities and love for myself. 

There isn’t anything more than your own love for yourself.  You need to know your priorities and how special and important you are! I don’t need to talk about how beautiful you are and yes, also without any makeup.   Don’t let someone use you because this is the most easier way how to be small and unhappy.

 In my life, there was a lot of bullying and times when I hated myself for being fat, for my short height, fine hair, style and that I am not enough for anyone! I was almost all my life hiding in the shell. Seriously, I was totally without any confidence and I hated myself! The result of all of these was that I was alone without anyone who would like me. 

“there is anything or anyone who would make you feel less than you are!”


And do you know what? I don’t want to call myself stupid or silly, but I was stupid! Last year I found out that I am a pretty amazing person! Really! I am healthy, kind and always helpful! I love my busy life and all people in it. I have so many ways and passions, dreams and I love to be here and breathing. 

“I am a pretty amazing person! Really! I am healthy, kind and always helpful!”


Do you know why I’ve become more confident and happy with my life?  I need to say don’t do it for someone but only for yourself!  I made my own challenge! Ok, if you have really low-esteem it won’t be easy for you but you can do it! Ok girls, there is my challenge for you! If you want to make your life happier and more confident let’s do it! But it’s not easy especially if you haven’t got any confidence. I’ll take it from the beginning. 

Do it!

Go and  look at yourself in the mirror for one hour/try to talk to yourself 

Take the paper and write down why you are amazing/what you like about yourself. If you don’t know just ask your friends.

Make eye-contact with people  (I did it every day on my way to the work). Take 10 people per day! 

Go out without makeup!

Wear a dress! 

Buy and wear red lipstick!

Do something “embarrassing” in the public! 

Go to a restaurant or bar, alone. Don’t hide behind a phone!

Travel alone!

Go on a blind date!

Spent a day alone, take yourself on the trip!

Try something unusual! 

Take out high heels/learn to walk on them!

 Change your style/ clothes/ hair!

Flirt with 3 people per week!

Date with a handsome man! (If he doesn’t want you it’s absolutely ok! This makes you ready for Mr. Right) :) 

Keep the lights on during sex!!!!!

Talk with strangers!

Go to the gym and do the workout in the zone for men! (trust me if you will be confident there you will be confident everywhere, plus they will help you).

Find your passion.

Learn about psychology and self-esteem.

Go to the concert or cinema alone! 

When you are sad bake a cake, paint, draw, write, do everything that makes you feel better.

Be spontaneous and spend one night outside in the bar. Have fun! 

Meditate or visit a classic concert, opera etc .. (it can be anything that makes you happy).

Ask a man for a date! Be first! (Help him a bit)

Try to smile every day even when you are really sad! 

Keep loving yourself and stay happy! :) 

And this last thing is the most important! Remember there is anything or anyone who would make you feel less than you are! You are pretty amazing and there is good news! We all can change our mind and body. 

Keep happy and hope you like one important part of my book. 






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