Christmas time in Prague

Ho ho ho … Christmas time is here!

I hope you all are having the best time of the year and your day is one big chill. I am back in the Czech Republic and my Christmas plans are split between time with family and traveling.

If you would ask me what is my favorite Christmas place, I would say “Prague and Vienna”.  You could read my old articles from these places which I visited last year. 














Le’s talk about Prague because this city is deep in my heart and hopefully always will be. It’s so easy to be in love with this city because of its history, architecture, mystical legends, old atmosphere, and Prague’s mentality. 

During Christmas time is the most important to visit Old town square because of dominant Christmas tree and markets, which are situated in the old atmosphere. Don’t forget to grab a Christmas punch.

The big surprise for me was John Lennon’s Wall. I didn’t have any idea about that and I was pretty surprised and impressed by all quotes, wise words and life-changing spirit. 

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“Prague is the equal of Paris in terms of beauty. Its history goes back a millennium. And the beer? The best in Europe.”

– Lonely Planet

As always I tried Prague Chimney “trdelnik”. It’s popular cake traditional for Prague. “Trdelnik” could be filled with ice cream or another filling.  Original chimney cake is from Hungary but modern version with ice cream is famous from Prague. 

My last trip to Prague was as always amazing and full of exploring. Also, when I am in Prague I am feeling home from every piece of my way. 

Merry Christmas …. :) 


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