Feel good every day

One of the classic rainy days in London and I was from the early morning moody and absolutely refusing to leave my bed. You know these days when you wanna just stay in the bed and be complaining about the human being? Yep. I know these days a well.

I decided not to give my day to my low mood and I boosted all my day.                                                                                                                        And how I did it? ….

1. I did clean all my flat/ clothes

Nothing feels better than super clean place and fresh smelling clothes in the cupboard.

2. I cooked healthy lunch

Ok, not too healthy but my favorite Butter Chicken and rice.

3. Boxing

I think it’s always the great idea to go for workouts or favorite exercise. Do what you like what makes you happier.

4. Chocolate

I found Lind Chocolate bunny so I am really sorry for his short life but you know it’s chocolate …. 

5. Blogging in my favorite Café 

Yep, this is always helping when I am moody or bored. I love writing and I think it’s working for everyone. If not, let’s choose your favorite hobby. Visit Middeys in Crouch End. 

5. Time for the book

The best option is self-help or book which make you feel better and give you a little bit motivation for the grey day. I am in the middle of Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson and I absolutely love this book. Pretty Happy you can buy in the Waterstones

6. Movie night

Rainy weather is the best time for spending time with own company or friends and enjoy the great movie, popcorn, wine. 

I am sure that we’d found more things which will make us feel good …. do you know any? ….



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