Chocolate trip to Geneva

Switzerland has been always chocolate, watch and cheese land for me so when I was traveling cross France and my flight was departing from Geneva airport I made an easy decision to spend one day in Geneva city as the tourist. And my feelings? …. Geneva’s got my heart.

For everyone who loves sightseeing, Geneva is the perfect place.  Definitely, you need to see Maison Museum or St. Pierre Cathedral

Chocolate everywhere

As I said! I love chocolate so my first steps were visiting chocolate shops. Switzerland is quite famous for luxury chocolate and one of the best quality chocolate pralines in the world. I need to say that it’s a bit expensive but for all chocolate lovers it’s necessary to buy a few pralines or bars. I absolutely love chocolate from Laderach which I set as my top chocolate moments, but also you can visit more chocolate shop. 

Geneva again ? ….. DEFINITELY! 

Geneva is easily great! Modern, relaxing and beautiful.  I enjoyed every moment of my two days trip and I would be more than happy to spend more time in this city. Maybe one day again … See you, Geneva!

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