My boxing playlist

It’s been 3 months since I’ve changed the gym routine for sessions in Islington boxing club. If you are around the North London feel free to visit them. You can find the address under this post.

My first boxing song was Bodies by Drowning Pool which I put also as my ring walk music. I love this song always when I am punching the bag. You just smash it! Right? …. “1 … nothing wrong with me, 2 … Nothing wrong with me, 3… Nothing wrong with me … ” Easy!

I prefer aggressive songs not only for the boxing but also for all my workouts. They push me harder and make me work more. So Rock, Metal, rap etc … That’s what keeps me moving.

….. Of course,  Rocky soundtrack cannot miss in the playlist


Islington Boxing Club,
20 Hazellville Road,
London, N19 3LP

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