Friday’s freakshake mood

Friday is here! I hope everyone is excited about the fact that long weekend is starting and especially the weather has started to be sunnier. Be honest, finally …

I have a great tip for you where you can spend a nice bank holiday time. Try gelato, toasties or milkshake …..  in my case FREAKSHAKE!

Welcome in Mikki’s paradise!

You can find this place on Holloway Street in London. Trust me you would be surprised how much this place looks inconspicuously. You would say a little Cafe in the corner of the busy street but well, that’s wrong. I was passing around almost every day and I’d never thought how amazing place it is.

I think as a blogger I found my writing spot where I can create my blog or book and be in contact with another blogger. This place is full of  bloggers who are taking photos or working.

We started with toastie’s crepes with the salmon and egg and strawberry’s smoothie.

The biggest desert in my life! I think everyone is just excited to try Freakshake which is a huge milkshake. I have sweet tooth but my friend Kate doesn’t but even in this case we just smashed it.

Go visit Mikki’s paradise and make sure you have empty stomach because you will need some space there. Let me know how did you like it.

Happy bank holiday weekend xxx




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