Boxing for your mental health

I’ve already written the article about my favorite boxing playlist. Now let me write a few lines about why boxing has changed my life. It’s not only good for your body but it’s absolutely magic for your mental health.

Why I started

I’ve always liked boxing. I remember my special boxing times with my dad who did this sport as professional. We were supporting Klitschko’s brothers every time when they had the fight. I am quite missing these times but even when I am away we are passionately chatting about big fights. Anyway, my first contact with boxing and gloves were last year when I was feeling down a bit. I took boxing girls as strong and independent women with amazing bodies. And yes, they are pretty strong!!! As fast as I started I just gave up …… And only because of one reason. I lost my passion! I lost myself and I was sad, stuck and depressed.


It’s been 2 months since I was passing by the boxing club again and I was thinking that I want to try it again. It was the time when I was fighting with myself and my sadness. So one day I visited them and put my gloves on again and surprisingly I was so good! Stronger, angrier, working harder. When I left this session I was absolutely happy!! Free! My insomnia that night just went away! I was smiling all day, I managed more things that day! I found boxing incredibly beneficial for my mental health so I’ve started being there more than often.

Boxing for your mental health

Exactly, that’s the reason why I love it! Boxing is not for everyone because it’s hard workout. 5k run, sparring boxing, lifting weights, skipping, you have to be fast but also be thinking about every single punch, boxing into the bags, crunches, 3 minutes plank, lunches and more and more … 90 minutes of the great workout! I am always so proud of myself! After a few first sessions, I was absolutely tired and walking zombie because every single muscle was just hurting! But more important feeling for me was that my mind started to be clear and stronger. I left all my stress, sadness, loneliness and pain in the club! I’ve always met someone new who was my partner in boxing. You never know who is your sparring partner so one day I was boxing with tall, muscular guy and another day with the girl. But still, I am meeting new people who are funny and friendly.

Benefits of boxing training

Well, boxing is the high-level athletic sport. You have to do almost everything from running, jumping, punching, kicking to lifting the weight.

  • Neurological function: As we are getting older our balance and coordination functions are weaker. Boxing can help with eye coordination and improve your reflexes.
  • Stress relieve: punching a boxing bag could help get rid of negative energy, stress, bad emotions. It’s great method how to get away your insomnia!!! (I know about insomnia a lot and boxing is the only thing which helped me)!
  • Build confidence: there is something that leaves you always feeling better, stronger and happier.
  • Weight&fat loss.

Tip on the end: A little recommendation for specialist boxing online shop.

“Less stress, more muscles” 





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