Mamasons Ice cream Kentish Town

Summer is coming so let me point out one nice spot for you on hot days. Maybe you have already seen Instagram posts full of good-looking pictures with ice cream, pinky background, and incredibly tasty desserts. Welcome to Mamasons Ice cream in Kentish Town.

I absolutely love the old pinky design of the Mamasons which had made me always curious what kind of café or restaurant it is. They’ve been in Kentish Town since last June and during this time they have built their Instagram on 7000 followers. So well done!

Different flavors

Originally Filipinos ice cream offering you more than basic favors so you can really taste something new. I was surprised by the taste and was thinking what kind of taste it is. Still, I am not sure…

I love all ideas

If you will follow Mamasons on Instagram you can also have a little peak how they are trying to make new and new deserts. All of them look super delicious and interesting!


“A cup full of Goodness” …  I tried HALO HALO mix of UBE ice cream, oreo crumbs, jelly, and the milkshake. You have more options which are worthy to mention. The most popular is hot chocolate with ice cream top or UBE donuts filled with ice cream. All deserts look so nice and if you have sweet tooth you will love this place!

I am sure you will fall in love with this place not only because the different type of ice cream desserts but also because of nice and helpful staff who are super friendly.

See you soon in Mamasons dirty ice cream xxx




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