Super easy chocolate cake

Baking time is here!

I love to bake chocolate cakes which are rich, easy and super tasty. I have one great recipe from my favorite cookbook by Annabel Langbein. As I said it’s super easy and delicious so you can be sure that you will be the superstar for your visitors.

Hold on! You could find another recipe post for the delicious chocolate cake which I baked last year. Both recipes are suited for BBQ, dinner with friends or celebration. 

So what will you need for this cake?

3 cups self-raising flour

2 cups sugar

1,5 tsp Vanilla extract

3/4 cup cocoa powder

2 tsp baking powder

200g softened butter

1 cup milk

2 eggs


  • As first heat oven to 160 degrees. Get ready and grease the sides of cake tin or use baking paper. I prefer grease tin because I am just too clumsy with baking paper so always my cakes look quite messy around the sites.
  • Mix all ingredient together. I used the food processor which make the dough super smooth and you can be sure that all ingredients are fully processed.
  • Pour mixture into prepared tin and bake for 1 hour.
  • And that’s all! Easy, isn’t it! I am super excited about this recipe and trust me it’s great for all occasions! Also, get this cake on the higher level with right icing or fruits on the top.


Good luck xxx


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