How to become a Morning Person

In a Utopian world, we all wake up wearing a perfect smile, our souls feeling calm and refreshed, our eyes bagless, our feet tapping to the music of another sunny day and our hearts fizzing like a bottle of shaken Tango; impossibly excited about the 86,000 seconds that lay ahead.

But we don’t live in a Utopian world and so our get up and out of the door routine of fourteen snooze-button presses and a super-strong cup of coffee is all we have to get on top of the hectic schedule we have come to endure.

But that’s not how we should start the day. We should start it with a smile, with fizzing eyes, with a spring in our step and a wiggle in our walk. That’s where waking up earlier comes in. On the surface, it gives you more time to be productive and relax, but it also takes the stress out of our days, and that spells pure happiness.

The problem is: not everyone is a morning-lover.  The good news is: you can become one, and here is how:


Leave Your Curtains Half Open

Getting dragged out of your sleep by the terrifying sound of your alarm is hardly going to put a smile on your face (even if relaxing for the nine-minutes between alarms is the greatest feeling on earth). Instead, you should leave your curtains half-open and wake up to a room full of dancing sun rays. It’s good for your circadian rhythm and it’s good for your soul.

Best Breakfast Ever

Instead of being in such a rush, you grab a cheap pain au chocolat for your breakfast as you run out of the door, give yourself that little bit of time to get your breakfast on. Pancakes covered in manuka honey and blueberries. A bowl of muesli, strawberries and natural yogurt. A smoothie made with all your favorite fruits and veggies. This is the meal that will fuel your soul and load you up with energy, so make it a delicious and nutritious experience, please.

Good Night’s Sleep

Some people are able to sleep so well every night they complain about that one blue-moon occasion where they were awake for five minutes during the night. But for everyone else, sleeping is a skill you haven’t mastered yet. But this might be your own fault. If you haven’t upgraded your mattress in the past seven years, it’s time you visited some mattress stores. If you get into bed and scroll through Instagram for forty-five minutes, you might want to leave your phone on charge in the kitchen and resist the temptation. If you can never get comfy, you might want to look for a new pillow.

Exercise First Thing

Believe it or not (and we’re guessing you’ll fall in the ‘not’ category), but our willpower is actually at its highest first thing in the morning, before steadily depleting as the day goes on. That’s why you should wake up and go for a run, head to the gym or take a swim. Not only will this get your endorphins flowing early doors, you will also feel accomplished for the rest of the day.

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