Why I love Prague

It’s my home! Simply … I love Prague and I always will. There is something so spiritual and magic about this place. Every time I’m walking along the Charles Bridge I’m more and more sure about its special vibes. All the statues, people, and breathtaking view make me feel so good.

Prague is my second favorite city right after Rome. I am always more than happy and proud to be Czech. Mainly when I see this town and old culture which is super interesting.

There are few reasons why I am in love with Prague:


Nothing is better than home! Everone who lives abroad know it. Even when you will be happy in new country “new home” you always will miss your real home. I’ve never lived in Prague but it’s my home. It’s the capital city of my country and I am truly proud to be Czech. People from your country know traditions, candies, language, and jokes.  It’s nice to be back home. Even though I am happy living in London I always have the nice feeling in Prague and it’s not far from my family.

Charles Bridge

For me absolutely the biggest part of Prague. Famous bridge from 1357 is the Czech dominant. I strongly recommend walk cross the bridge in the morning hours. It’s so magical and empty so you are not bothered by tourists and you can enjoy the moment. On the bridge, you can see 30 old baroque statues which depict saints and patron saints. I’ll keep my favorite statues from the bridge as my secret because it’s the place where I take some time for my own thoughts. Also, I’m always saying that Charles bridge is the one place where I want to get engaged. Straight next to musicians playing classical music and portrait painters. Such a romantic moment. Isn’t it?


I am Czech and we love beer! Well, I can enjoy it anywhere in the world. But I am keeping my special Christmas moment when I order Svičkova and beer in one of the old town restaurants. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, I am always excited. It’s something like my own Christmas tradition.

Classy atmosphere

I love classical music and everything that we can call classy. Yes, I am a quite classy girl who loves jazz, blues, and opera. Prague is old and enough to show me that love classical things is always a good choice. Try to listen Moldau by Bedrich Smetana and stand on the Charles Bridge. You will get the nicest feeling ever. Last time, I was listening to my favorite Beyond by Lion Bridge and I was enjoying the view from the Charles bridge. The moments like these are incredible.



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