Simple Ways To Fund Your Trip Of A Lifetime

If the wanderlust itch is becoming too much to bear, you may have to succumb and scratch it. This might mean planning a trip to South America to embark on the Inca trail, hot-footing it to Japan to bask in the blossom season or heading to Iceland to witness the Northern Lights. It doesn’t matter which destination will see you getting your travel kicks, funding such a jaunt can be ridiculously expensive and requires thorough preparation. You cannot simply decide to take off for six months on a whim. Take a look at these simple ways you can fund your trip abroad responsibly.


It may seem counterintuitive and risky to borrow money to fund what essentially is a trip for pleasure. This isn’t a necessity nor is it crucial to ensure your lifestyle is maintained. However, it is possible to borrow responsibly to help see you financially buoyant for your time away from home. If you own your own property and have a mortgage, you can take advantage of one of the many secured homeowner loans available. Being away from home, you could rent out your pad to cover the monthly repayments on the loan as well as your mortgage repayments. If you do the sums and this works, this could be the ideal responsible way of funding your travels.

If you rent, you could look into a credit card with 0% interest on purchases. This way, you could pay for your big-ticket items such as flights with the security of a credit card and pay back what you owe with no interest whatsoever. Only ever borrow what you can afford to pay back, and you could see your credit score increasing as a result.


If you are in a well-paid job and can squirrel away some of your disposable income, make sure you put it in a high-interest savings account. Now that you’ve decided on your jaunt overseas, you need to show some commitment to the funding of your trip. Forget about cinema outings for a while, forego the dining out experiences at posh eateries and stick to more budget groceries for a little while. If you can’t commit to this more frugal way of living for a few months, you might not be as determined as you thought to make your travel dream a reality.

Get A Second Job

While you might already feel like you are working all hours and you have very little free time, you could see a boost to your travel funds if you take on a second job. This could be a sideline freelance hustle, a shift or two at a local cafe or some tutoring work. Any extra cash you see in your pocket each month can go towards your trip of a lifetime. If you keep your end travel goal in sight, the three months or so working extra hours and saving will be well worth it when you can afford the extra excursion or two.

Heading overseas to quench your wanderlust thirst isn’t cheap. However, by following these three simple steps, you can easily and responsibly fund your travel adventure.

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