How to be living sweet life

Big topic and question for everyone here! Sweet life .. what does it mean?  Actually, do you think that you are living sweet life or is your life worthy enough or full of troubles and negative things? I truly hope that not, and if there is any struggle I will try to give you few “easy” keys on how I’m keeping my life in balance. Sweet balance

We all have been given the chance to live the sweet life instead of bitter one. So …


Well, it’s a cliché and I know it, but actually, it works well! It doesn’t matter what kind of love you can give, just do it! Do it for your friends, partner, family or just people around you, but mainly for yourself. “Because of how much love you are able to give, as much as you will receive”. That’s the old rule, right? Nothing is more than love and because we are selfish and forgettable generation we are pretty waisting with love.

How sweet feel we are getting when someone just give us big hug or tell us how amazing we are!

Love is the most important flavor for sweet life! Right?

Nothing is a big problem! Optimism

Just stop taking life too seriously!

I am sure we all have some troubles and taught situations which are not possible to take easy. Just let it go! Let go of everything that is too heavy for you! The gold rule!

Is someone just dumped you? Well, that hurts,  trust me I know it pretty well, but try to get over it as quickly as possible and take it as a lesson. Are you expecting some expensive repairs at home? Try to stay calm and check what you can do. Long distance relationship? No problem, just take time and be thinking about how to travel more!


Well, maybe you haven’t been born as a huge traveler and everything with traveling is just annoying for you, but you can try it. It’s definitely working for me. Every time when I travel, and it doesn’t matter where I am happier and I think more about my life as happy it is. I love different cuisine, cultures and exploring. Even I am happy to travel alone. Do you remember my article about benefits to travel alone?

Give yourself a good exercise and take care of your health

You don’t need to be skinny to be healthy! I found myself to be struggling about my body a lot and I don’t want to be worrying about that again. I am healthy, I like exercises but also eating. Keep balance! I can’t imagine being living sweet life without any sweets.


Sweet life is also about enjoying your passions. When I was upset or depressed I was always finding myself in the writing. I think it’s something that keeps me happier and my mind clear.


And right now I am going to talk about my favorite topic. As the person with Insomnia, I know how important it is to be sleeping. When I got only 3 hours and sometimes even fewer of sleep, I was so negative, upset and thinking that I am not enough because I just can’t handle all my problems. When all my struggles are gone I’m enjoying a deep sleep again and I love it. I love my bed, all my sleeping rituals and mornings as I loved them before my Insomnia.

I truly hope that your life is super sweet and even when it’s bitter a bit no worries because after bad experiences life is going to be sweeter than ever before!

All photos were taken in incredible sweet place Kingdom of sweet in Oxford Street. Thank you for nice collaboration


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