My relationship with my body

Well it would be not an understatement to claim that not always I had a good relationship with my body. When I was younger I called myself “pig” or “fat girl” (so sorry for my poor body). After a few years and some life experience, I found out that I am changing my body image every single day and I am finally beginning to understand what actually my body wants and what I am able to give to myself. Let’s take the journey into my broken self-esteem and let me tell you how to feel better and better every single day.

To begin with I should say that I’ve been always chubby and the big girl. Even when I was a teenager I weight more than 96 kilos – no matter how much I was always trying to lose the weight. I was one of those perfect, constantly dieting girls with no eating and cracker passion. I was even able not to eat for two weeks and than afterwards eat everything what I could. I have also a very vivid memory of my stupid idea to be eating only from 7 am until 1 pm. Basically I was eating anything without my realisation that I was building bulimia and eating disorders. Not to mention that I became quite obsessed with weighing every morning before breakfast and after toilet. I did more than 3 thousands rope jumps and I lost more than 27 kilos during the month and a half. If you are asking whether I was healthy my answer would be NO, I ended up in the hospital one day when I cracked up opposite my University.

The similar scenario happened last year when I was struggling with a toxic relationship and had really bad Insomnia. I lost 15 kilos. Yes, I was slimmer but I was unhappy and tired. Not to mention that my friends were worried about me but I couldn’t get back on my feet. My sadness and loneliness went into my weight and my body was still very exhausted. I was feeling so old!

Finally free mind and free body!

When my toxic experience disappeared and my Insomnia is not too strong as before,my appetite has returned.  I have now back my weight and maybe gain a little bit more. Well, I am the curvy girl but finally, I am happy and there is one fact! This is me and my happy weight!

Yes, that’s my happy weight! Well, I could slow down my strong appetite but also I am glad that I am happy and full of beans. I do workouts, swimming, sometimes boxing but what is the most important is that I eat anything!

Curvy girls are sexy! :P

Be honest! When you see the beautiful, confident, happy and curvy girl to being just herself you have to look at her! You just have to!

Now I do understand why my body has the shape which has, it’s because I am the strong woman and I love to be curvy. I am healthy with the great physical condition. I can confidently say that I can survive almost everything. A very hard workout like boxing is not the problem for me and trust me I saw so many girls leaving the class after a few minutes.

Don’t be so cruel to your body! If you have a few more pounds it’s absolutely ok! Do workouts and sports not because you want to have skinnier body but because you enjoy it. Don’t judge your body for being big! Actually, it’s not your body who is eating, it’s you and your brain. I am sure that every single body has its own happy weight. And even when it’s sometimes difficult to understand that you look beautiful and happy, but not skinny!

I want to be happy no hungry!



Hey girls,

I have the great solution for you! Let’s take the piece of paper and a pen! Write more than ten reasons why you like your body! If you don’t know any, you are having low self-esteem. In that case, try to ask some good friends. Do it every week! Let’s say every Sunday before bed. And put this paper in the place where you will see it every day! Good luck xxx


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