The Benefits of Spending Quality Time Outdoors

If you are the keen traveler with loads of places on your bucket list, chances are that you love your comfort and often search for the best luxury hotel deals to enjoy a city break or a culture trip. However, every now and then you should take advantage of the weather and embrace the great outdoors, so you can improve your health and well-being and connect with nature. If you are not the camping type and love your comfort, below you will find a few tips on how to plan your first getaway close to nature.

Increased Oxygen Intake

If you would like to stay young for longer, exercising outside is important. You will get the fresh air and more oxygen will get into your body. Whether you are going on a hiking trip or visiting a seaside town to learn some of the water sport you always wanted to try, you will love the time outside. Of course, taking the car to the hotel and relaxing in the stunning room is great, but you will need Vitamin D and fresh air for your body to support your immune system.


It is a good idea to visit new places and explore the world, but you can never really experience mindfulness if you don’t connect with nature. Not to mention that if you avoid the crowd your thoughts are less likely to get distracted by strangers. Whether you are planning a yoga retreat or a hike in Snowdonia, you will experience a new level of connection with nature. Make plans to spend at least two hours a day outdoors during the Indian Summer and enjoy the colors, smells, and tastes sounds of nature.  

Problem Solving Skills

While camping is not the most convenient style of traveling, it can help you become a more practical person and improve your problem-solving skills. If you would like to get more comfort from your camping trip, you will find plenty of ideas on this website. You can hire a caravan, get a motorhome, or even go glamping to get all the comfort you are used to. No matter what you choose, you will have to plan your hikes, trips, and solve some problems related to weather and terrain.

Saving Money

Of course, you will also save money on accommodation if you choose to spend time outdoors and go on a hiking trip with your tent or an expedition staying at countryside Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Instead of taking the car, you can challenge yourself to cycle from one location to the next with your friends, connect with each other, and admire the stunning beaches or mountains surrounding your path. Camping is much cheaper than staying in hotels, and you get to see the real life instead of the hustle and bustle of the big city.

If you are planning to explore a new country this summer or autumn, think about taking a camping trip or booking a log cabin in the woods to get closer to nature. Practice mindfulness and take advantage of exercising outdoors.

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