Beauty of solotraveling

Traveling is definitely an exciting and funny experience, especially if you are sharing these unforgettable moments with your partner or friends, but did you ever consider traveling solo? To many people’s surprise there is something beautiful when traveling alone.

The beauty of the time with yourself

Be alone is a healthy aspect. You can be pondering  about so many things in your life. You can share the best experience only with yourself and be proud that you are confident to go alone and be happy. It’s great to be reliable only on yourself as the only company and learn how to enjoy to be on your own. I found it always more rewarding when I made my own decision.

The easy way to meet new people

Without doubt traveling alone is the easiest way to meet an interesting, like minded, new people. You are freer to be chatty, friendly and enjoying another company. One of the best way to do this is to be sitting alone and keep yourself busy. By doing this I can ensure you  that people will be more around you and interested in your solo traveling stories. It’s the natural thing and I formed so many international friendships just because I was traveling alone.

Free decisions

Well, maybe you remember that trip with your friend when you wanted to go to the McDonalds but your friend wanted the exact opposite ? Have that ever happened to you? … I am pretty sure that it did. However if you are traveling solo you are making your own decisions. So you can be wild as much as you would like to be – you can eat whatever you want, you can go wherever you want … You are just so free!

You will find yourself stronger

Stronger, confident, happier, empower and more sure about yourself. Traveling solo is empowering as nothing else. You can’t rely on someone else, all troubles, struggles are only your problem and you have to deal with them. There is only you! Also, keeping your own set of plans make you feel better! Always, when I came from solo traveling I felt much better about myself.

Dealing with anxiety

On the other hand there are those nights or just time when you can feel bad, alone, without friends but actually these nights should encourage us to try something out from our comfort zone. For example, if you go out alone, you will create new friendships. There is nothing wrong to go out to the city and eat alone, sleep alone. You will be scared to go alone to the Museum or restaurant on your own at the beginning but believe me that this will change. It is an awkward feeling from the start but later you will learn how to face all of these situations.

You learn about yourself

You are dealing with your likes and dislikes. You get the freedom to make your own decisions and take experiments.  Nothing will be embarrassing because you are solo traveler.

Traveling solo is beautiful experience and I wish to everyone to try it, even if only for once in the life.

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