Are you listening your body?

We live in an age where there’s always a pressure to fit more into our days. We push ourselves to become morning people. We allow our workloads to ever-increase. And, our desires to do more outside of work seem to grow, too. Before we know, we’re fitting 48 hours worth of stuff into less than a 24 hour period. And, people are congratulating us for doing it. But, if you operate on this double-time speed on a regular basis, it may soon start to take its toll. Namely, your body might start to suffer.

You’re only human, after all. If you aren’t careful, your efforts to fit everything in could see you unable to complete anything. Rather than pulling in the overtime, you’ll find yourself contacting a disability lawyer to ensure your insurance policy covers time you have to take off. In short; you’ll leave yourself open for all manner of physical and psychological injuries. And, that’s far from ideal.

But, how can you tell when to draw the line? When does pushing your limits to go from being favorable to having a much less desirable impact? In truth, this varies. For the most part, though, there’s a good chance your body will let you know when it’s time to take a break. Are you ready to listen to the signs?

Persistent exhaustion

This is an obvious one, right? And, the chances are that it’s the first sign you’ll notice. If you’re tired even after sleeping, your body is telling you it needs a break. What’s more, it obviously needs one pretty sharpish. If you notice this, then, take action fast. Something as simple as canceling your evening plans and taking a bath instead could work wonders. If possible, it’s even worth booking time off work and going somewhere sunny. Either way, rejuvenate your body before you push it past the point of no return.

Sugar cravings you can’t satisfy

In a way, this ties in with exhaustion. Sadly, this symptom often falls under the radar. The simple fact is, a body which craves sugar all the time is a body on the brink. Think about it; sugar is an instant boost. So, if you’re reaching for sugary snacks every few hours, it’s a sure sign your body needs a little something extra. Sadly, the crash and burn nature of sugary snacks mean that they’ll never quite do the trick. Which is why you need to pay attention and practice more sustainable methods for building energy reserves.

Difficulty concentrating

Our minds and bodies rely on each other for healthy functioning. Hence why, if you’re pushing your body too far, your concentration will start to suffer. When your body is under stress, your mind can become pretty frazzled, too. And, when that happens, you’ll find it challenging to focus on even simple tasks. This is a last-stop symptom if you like, and a sure sign that you need a holiday. Either that, or you’ll soon land in the dreaded realm of ‘burnout’.

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