How to save money for travel

As you can see from my frequent posts on the web that I absolutely love travelling! When it comes to planning my journey abroad I just realised that I am usually struggling with two things. One of them is the time as not everyone is lucky enough to afford to go on their dream holidays during a school term dates. In most cases, people are travelling  during holiday time or when we get extra days off. The second struggle could be money. Visiting foreign places can be without a doubt an expensive hobby and even when you are trying to keep it as cheap as possible it still costs something. So as you know it’s always good to be ready!

I have a few tips which help me save the money for my travel passion.

  1. Credit card

If you are a reliable person and you are 100% sure  that you still can cover your balance from the credit card, just use it. You may be wondering why I found the credit card extremely helpful during traveling? One reason why I opened credit card are the flight tickets! Not always I had enough money on my debit card and when I saw a really good deal for flight ticket I just was disappointed that I can’t afford to buy it and at the end, my traveling was more expensive. I know that for someone the credit card is not the best solution but it’s absolutely working for me.

2. Stay in

Saving means stay in! We are young and wild but if you want travel and make your dream comes true, you have to cut your time outside. I mean parties, drinks, eating etc … Invite your friends into your flat. There is a huge difference to pay for the bottle of wine 5 pounds or 22 pounds!

3. Cooking time

No takeaways, no dinners outside, no coffees … It is not a rocket science to figure out that it is much cheaper to cook meals than  eating in a restaurant. Make big shopping for the whole week and try to cook every day. It’s much cheaper and also healthier. For all non-cooking lovers, I can tell you that cooking is really beneficial if we take how to save money. Try one week for the big surprise! You can try to cook a super easy pasta!

4. Make a plan

My favorite thing! I am the planner! I love planning and organizing all my travels, life, and future. Also, my finances are organized. Make something as budget and try to keep it. As first choose your dream destination and make sure that you can afford it. You can try to search the articles on how to choose the cheapest hotel, how to share price for the room, how to choose a cost effective  transport etc … Try to cut everything what is possible.

5. Open travel account

Another solution is the bank account!  Open only one, special account and put the name on it, something like “my travel dream” and just every day, week, month send some money onto this  dedicated account.

6. Share accommodation

Not only share your accommodation but also don’t spend money on decorations. Try to live the minimalistic lifestyle.

7. Do you need alcohol, cigarets?

And now the best solution for your health! No, you don’t need to pay 12 pounds for cigarettes! Also, Alcohol is pretty expensive and trust me only one week of cut will give you a great amount into your piggy bank. And as the bonus, your body will be happier.

8. Netflix …

OK, maybe it’s fine to watch the latest tv show on Netflix but start to think if you really NEED this! What else you can cut! The gym membership? Well, If you really want to travel maybe you can find another solution how to do workouts. The books? … Try to visit the library!

Saving is always tough but it’s nice to know that we can travel and enjoy life. We are spending stupidly high amounts for things which we will put to the bin one day.

“Make money for your life not for things in your life.”

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