My favourite TED videos

If your cup of tea is watching different topics and interesting, successful people you will definitely like TED Talk. I love all videos and presentations so you can trust me that picking up only the most favorite moment of the Ted was such a big problem, and I spent almost all Sunday just with TED.

I can spend hours and hours watching Ted’s videos and be thinking about how incredibly beautiful people are and another benefit is that I can easily watch it from my bed.

When I am thinking about that it was a nice Sunday for me. I wasn’t feeling well because of a sore throat and cold, and deciding to watch TED videos did turn out to be a very good idea.

I am sure we all have a different kind of favorite videos and topics which we like to watch, but I picked my top TED Talk videos.

JUSTIN BALDONI / Why I’m done trying to be “man enough”

Justin Baldoni is an American actor, director, and filmmaker. I immediately fall in love with his talk. His talks are so beautiful and he’s incredibly brave to stand up for his life. As the woman, I can feel how much pressure is being put on girls nowadays but actually, I’ve never been thinking about the guys. We usually think that if a man is struggling, crying or has the weaknesses, he is just not too strong and he is not man enough. How many times we heard the saying “The men don’t cry”. If the guy is too soft he is automatically labelled as a gay or a woman … This talk is beautiful and finally, there is someone who is standing out from the crow. He is intelligent and you will definitely love his talks.

COURTNEY FERRELL / The secrets to an Extraordinary Life

Courtney Farrell is another motivational speaker and an absolutely wonderful woman. Her energy is something that I wish to have! I love all her family stories, especially how she talks with her daughter. Absolutely agree with her three types of love! The soft love, romantic love, and community love. Try to put the video on 15:05 and you will see how amazing she is. I kind of wish to have her and her energy at home. Definitely we all women would be more confident.

LIZZIE VELASQUEZ / How do you define yourself?

I am a huge fan of Lizzie! I love her and also as her fan I had the opportunity to read her books which are just interesting as she is. She is the beautiful and funny lady. The first time When I watched her talk I was absolutely disappointed with myself and was thinking how silly I am and if I really need to be complaining about my weight, hair, nails etc … so I watched her talk over and over to remember her words, energy and positive vibes from this talk. I love her soul and how brave she is! The world called her the ugliest girl in the World and look at her now! She is so beautiful and the biggest inspiration for all women. Love you, Lizzie.

ASHLEY GRAHAM / Plus-size? More Like My Size

Maybe you know Ashley, she is the first plus-size model and a body activist. I am glad that the time when models were super skinny is over and we can see more photos of real women and without any retouching. Ashley has an amazing confidence and energy to share with us and make us feel better even with some extra kilos. She is a big inspiration for all girls, just take her story with magazines. They told her that she is not going to be on the cover of any magazine because of her body type… Well, someone was wrong! I love topic about self-confidence and self-love. Check my article about my relationship with my body.

SAM BERNS / My philosophy for happy life

Sam Berns was another incredible person and a massive inspiration for all of us. I am sorry to found out that he died almost one month after this Ted talk because He must be the amazing and the strongest person I have ever heard of. It’s incredible to see how strong and intelligent people are even when their lives aren’t easy at all. I am sure that Sam had this unique power to change so many of us. Such a brave soul and a very funny man.



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