How to fix bad day

We all come across it in our busy life! What I am talking about are those awfully bad days which are so annoying and full of anxiety. If you are struggling with your bad feelings, you just can’t get out of bed and for that reason I decided to inspire you with a few ideas which always helped me to overcome these feelings.

I was working quite late on my Instagram and into stories when I noticed that my favorite and absolutely gorgeous blogger Jess Chamilton was crying and was a little bit down because of her anxiety. I was truly sympathetic and felt for her as I am aware  of how draining it is to fight with the bad day.

There is one big question … Why so many people have anxiety feelings?

Now, I will talk from my personal experience.  When I used to live in the Czech Republic I had my own bad days. This was caused more or less just because of my low self-esteem, so I was sadder because of my body. But when I’ve moved to London I noticed that people are enormously sad here. I was asking myself “Why? It seems that they have everything so why do they feel that way?” … London is the great place. However a busy London lifestyle makes majority of people who lives in this great place down or doubtful about themselves  etc … as everywhere is a big pressure! It’s not only fighting for a great job but also relationships. It’s so difficult to keep basic standard like paying your own place because it’s rather expensive! Besides that, people work long hours and have the short time to enjoy the life. I was fighting and maybe still I am the fighter with Anxiety, but I have the few tips which might help you.


My favorite treat and happiness! Well, there is this fact that during my Anxiety I’ve got the few pounds back but nothing tastes better than the bad day and hot chocolate.

2. Slow down

If you have an Anxiety, that means that your body and especially your mind needs to slow down! So take a deep breath and sit on the sofa and just watch TV, listen to music, or read the book etc … Just do what you like. Don’t beat yourself for the rest! We need it!

3. Gym

That’s working for me! Usually if I have the bad day I go to the gym! You will feel better when you will have people around you. Plus it is a well known fact that when you do workout your body produces the happy hormone called endorphins.

4. Hot deep bath

Another great thing during the bad day. Even if you are fighting with Insomnia you will find hot bath helpful. It’s big to relax! What I do during the bad day is the deep bath with my favorite essential oil, face mask, and Netflix. The perfect moment which cleans not only your head.

5. Write it out

Take a diary and make the long essay about how you are feeling! Leave everything on the paper,not in your head! When I am sad or broken, I write the poems.

6. Music

Let’s dance and listen your favourite upbeat music. I know maybe it’s not easy but please don’t let your Spotify play sad songs! Not helpful at all!

7. Eat well

I am the person who eats a lot. Not only when I am down but also when I am ill. My body just needs it.

I hope you found my ideas about how to fix a bad day helpful a bit. I am sure that there is always the solution for your current mood. As my last recommendation, you can take the sleep. Just get over your troubles with a proper long  sleep.



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