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I don’t consider myself as a big reader but my attitude towards book has recently changed as reading is a great form of relaxation for me now.

As mentioned earlier I was never a huge fan of reading but this has changed since I’ve moved to London. At some point, I came to realisation that the best way how to enjoy my rare free time is to grab the book and turn on my imagination.

Maybe this transformation is caused by the fact that quite a lot of people are reading around me. You can spot people to be reading on the tube, on the bus, during the lunch break, before bed and they read tons of stories. Well, I am not completely like them yet but I like it too.

However I have one problem with reading – I need a really catchy story which makes me awake all night!

I picked 5 books which I love the most and which make me awake almost all nights. My favourite topic of books are history and self-help books.


I love Rusian literature and Vladimir Nabokov is my all time favourite writer. The first time when I was reading the Lolita was when I was 15 years old and I remember that I was really impressed by this story. Although I was also pretty disgusted as well as the plot of the book is described quite surreal at some parts.  The lolita has been my favorite book and I think I should read it again in English this time. I believe that this book is my lucky book, because not only that this book is my favorite one but during my school leaving exam (it’s GCSE) I was given the Lolita as the topic which I had to talk about. Lucky me!

I’ve never watched the movies  because I am an old school person and would probably complain that  “The book was better”.

Champagne diet

My absolutely favorite self-help book. I love Cara Alwill! She is the incredibly powerful woman and motivator. If you are struggling with your confidence and you need the boost, this book is perfect for you!

And do you know why the title says the champagne and not the wine? ….. Because the champagne is more classy and has less calories. Easy, right?

Krvavé jahody

The big and incredible life story of Vera Sosnarova. As mentioned previously I love the historical book especially from the World War II period and post-war time, and this story is showing how hard life was for Czech citizens with Rusian background after the war. This period of time  was an one, big chaos and completely innocent people ended at Gulag where they were dying, raped or bullied. It’s a huge shame that this book is not translated to the English language because the story of Vera Sosnarova is incredibly strong and even after her horrible time at Gulag she couldn’t talk about her heartbreaking experience in details and that’s just because of communism. This lady is still alive and living nearby to my town.


Born Survivors – Wendy Holden

Another book from the war and life in Auschwitz. Three different stories of three women who passed the Auschwitz gate pregnant and were fighting for their lives and their kids. Every single story is unbelievable  strong and we can take these three kids as a miracle because kids were usually killed by Nazis just after they were born. When I was reading this book it was Christmas time and I had so many feelings for them and was glad that this time is luckily gone. You will ask yourself How’s possible that people were so cruel and absolutely without any feelings? When you will be greedily turning pages of this book to read next chapter you will get so many different feelings and this is one of these really strong books which doesn’t let you sleep until you finish it.

I am Malala

Well, this book is famous as Malala. The book shows you how lucky girls in Europe are. Very often we go on in our everyday live without an appreciation that we can study, we can be free, we can say whatever we want, we can choose the partner, we can go out without any fear. Malala’s story is one big fight for freedom and education for everyone.


The Autumn is an amazing season for reading, maybe because of the weather but I read the most during this term. If you have any interesting book recommendations  feel free to suggest them to me. I am in the middle of the book called The tattooist from Auschwitz and hopefully soon I willl be able to report to you wether this book worths reading or not.



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