Marrakesh stolen my heart

I have to confirm to you that Morroco has definitely stolen my heart! Completely !

My original plan to visit Marrakesh came to my mind about 2 years ago when I saw very  colorful and incredibly photogenic photos of this cool city. As you can guess Instagram is full of those vibrant snaps of this city.

Without doubt, summer is the most busy time in Marrakesh so for that reason we decided to fly there in Autumn time. I would recommend this season for going to Marrakech to everyone who wants to explore this interesting city a little bit more and who doesn’t insist on extremely hot weather. November was certainly a good decision for us – As the weather is not too hot but not too cold neither. Just perfect weather.

Straight from the first moment when we arrived at the main square – Jemaa el Fna , I could see how different this place is. I’ve always called London to be super busy but after this experience, London is a heaven. I found Medina (the old part of the Marrakesh) the same as a little jungle – No rules, the cars, and old mopeds everywhere around you and big chaos when pedistrians are trying desperately avoid passing motorbike in the narrow alley. However after a few hours spend here we get use to to this hectic life and traffic and to my surprise I started to enjoy it. I realised that this is a part of this city and typical lifestyle in Medina.

Please see below some tips which will help you to explore Marrakesh a little bit more

Jemaa El Fna

The main and the most famous square in Africa. A magical place full of dancers, snake charmers, sellers or storytellers. This square is in the heart of Medina which is the oldest part of Marrakesh and it’s pretty easy to get lost there. If you will get lost, remember the main square. You will especially love this place during the night when all dancers and singers are outside performing.

Jardin Majorelle

Created by French artist Jaques Majorelle in 1925. This place isn’t famous only for beautiful gardens or a typical,blue house but also thanks to the fact that this  photogenic blue house was bought by a fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. You can see the beautiful oasis, exotic flora, and lily ponds. A must have place for photographers!

Ben Youssef Medersa

Mosques aren’usually open for non-muslim people but this old mosque from the 14th century is one of the exception.  We were quite unlucky because during our trip this mosques was closed for business thanks to a reconstruction. Maybe next time!

Atlas Mountains

It’s absolutely worthy to spend a day outside from Marrakesh so you can see the real life in Morroco. Take a day trip to Atlas mountains or to nearby deserts. You can book these day trips online or make a deal on the market where you can find a travel agencies.

I am preparing another post about Atlas mountain soon where I will give you more details.




Be ready for life without the internet. We didn’t have any proper connection with an outside word for a couple of days.  We could only rely on a poor wifi in our hotel. In this case use this app, which including maps, the best place, cafés, restaurants etc …


The best thing and one of the reason why there is increasing number of tourists is an excellent food! So good quality, rich, cheap and delicious! You should definitely try street shops and restaurants.


We bought the water and also had some on the hotel, but if you don’t wanna spend money on purchasing everyday a bottle of the water, buy the special water bottle with the filter.


As Morroco is a Muslim country it’s the best to keep shoulders and knees covered to avoid attention.


Maybe you will find that you don’t feel comfortable around the men in Marrakesh. They can be quite intense  but the best way to deal with this unwanted interest is to simply ignore their comments about you and don’t make a direct eye contacts. Otherwise they will be immediately next to you giving you a compliment etc.  The first days we were feeling really uncomfortable around them, but after a few days we got use to and didn’t take their comments too seriously. (Don’t mean all men are like this! Also, we met really nice and polite guys)!


This mean of transport is the best way to get somewhere, but you have to be careful with the price. The usual price is 50-70 Dirhams. Definitely not 300 as I heard.

Marrakesh was unbelievably amazing!





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