How To Fund The Ultimate Gap Year

When it comes to gap years, there’s no ‘right’ way to do it. Should you go to Asia, South America, Africa, or all of the above? Do you have the time and money to do it at all? And should you do it? The answer to that should be a resounding yes, as there is no better way to understand the world and all of its beauty than getting out there and seeing it for yourself. But if money is an issue, then there are still ways to fund your gap year, whatever locations you choose. Read on if you want to spend a year seeing the world!

Work as you travel

If you want to have money coming in throughout the year to keep your travels going, then why not look out for a freelance job? This means that you’ll be able to work wherever you are in the world, and all you’ll usually need is a connection to WiFi. So whether you’re working from a restaurant in Italy or a hotel in the mountains in Peru, you’ll be earning some cash whilst seeing what the world has to offer. Don’t take on too much work and make sure that you account for time differences and long flights, and you should be on your way to earning that travel money in no time.

Start saving now

The best way to fund your travels is to start saving up now, by cutting out all of your outgoings that aren’t essential. For example, do you always go out for fancy meals and spend a lot of money on cocktails? By not doing this you could save yourself a lot of cash, and there are some habits that you can try and kick in order to reduce your spending. If you’re a smoker, why not try vaping, which is cheaper and also better for your health? There are many different flavors out there, like Fantasia e juice, so have a look into what lifestyle changes could save you a bit of money!

Research, research, research…

When it comes to funding your gap year, the best way to save money is to look around for great deals on flights and hotels. Try out some comparison sites, and don’t just presume that the rate you’re getting for your hotel is the best one out there. Researching could really save you a lot of money, as could knowing all of the tricks of the trade. The main thing to remember here is that flight prices are always changing, so setting up price alerts could help you to bag a great deal, and deleting your cookies is also thought to reduce flight prices dramatically. Don’t just go and buy the first flight you can find!

So, there are many ways to fund the ultimate gap year, from working as you travel to saving up money now, by cutting out non-essential costs like smoking. Making sure that you’ve researched a lot will also help you to save money, so don’t book anything before checking out all of the options. Good luck, and happy travels!

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