Brussels Travel guide

It belongs to the smaller countries in Europe but it plays a massive part of the European Union. I am sure that this short description was enough for you to guess that we are going to talk about Belgium. Especially of its capital city, Brussels, which I visited last week.

If you love waffles, chocolate, fries and good craft beer this country is a perfect fit for you!

Let’s have a look at some useful information about this interesting city!

How to get there

If you are as lucky as I am, you can travel to Belgium by taking a train. London has a direct train to Brussels which takes about 2 hours. Check out the Eurostar website or app for more information about booking. This direct connection is every 2 hours so it can’t be easier to get there and back. The tickets are flexible depending on the time and date of your trip. Or you can get as lucky as we were because the train ticket was part of our last-minute package deal on website. For people who are not a fan of train journeys,  Brussels Airport is about 45 minutes away from the city centre so this is another option to consider.



Our hotel was called Easy hotel, which is a part of the Easy Jet airline. The accommodation has pretty good reviews from the fellow travelers and I can definitely recommend it as well.  It’s clean, cheap and the biggest advantage is its great location. The price is around 48 pounds per night so it is quite affordable.


Transport in Brussels varies as you can hop on trams, buses or take an underground. There is a choice of purchasing a day travel pass for 7.50 EUR, one-way ticket for 2.50 EUR  or 3 days pass for less than 10 EUR. Although it may not seems like but Brussels is quite spread out so be prepared to travel a lot.


Now onto my favorite part! For a standard meal/lunch, you will pay something around 10 EUR depending on how posh looking restaurant you will choose and its location. We had breakfast and coffee at the coffee chain called Coffee Fellows which cost us around 9 EUR. The waffles cost 5 EUR and if you wish to try Belgium fries (which is a great snack by the way) you will pay something around 4 EUR. There is no way you can leave Brussels without getting some chocolate. I get some chocolate truffles for 10 EUR and if you decide to experience a Belgium nightlife be prepared to pay 4-5 EUR for a pint of a beer.

How much to take?

Well, everything depends on what are you planning to do, but I spent 70EUR for 3 days. (Which includes some beer, traveling, chocolate, food, and dinners)

What to visit

Manneken Pis

The notoriously famous bronze statues designed by Jarome Duquesnoy. Sometimes Belgium people are dressing it up so you may see photos showing him wearing all sort of outfits. Not sure why they doing that but when I was there he was only naked :D …

St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral

Beautiful cathedral from 1047 century but renovated in Ghotic style. This cathedral is the place where Royal weddings and funerals are taking place but it is public friendly so you can come in and admire this beautiful space. As you are aware  I am a big fan of old architecture so I can definitely recommend this cathedral to you!

Grand Place

The main square, which includes the Town Hall, museums, shops, restaurants, the Breadhouse and more … It’s the oldest part of Brussels.

European Parliament  and commision

The heart of the European Union is in Brussels so it won’t be a surprise to you that the headquarters of most important EU institutions are here. If you are more interested in work and atmosphere inside these buildings you can book a private visit.

Galeries Royales Saint – Hubert

For me, one of the most beautiful parts of Brussels. It’s the oldest shopping place in Europe and you can buy luxury things, coffee, chocolate or seafood.

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