Things no one tells you about moving to abroad

Life is one big challenge and sometimes we are deciding about things which are not too easy to make. Have you ever been thinking to move abroad? Yes? Can you imagine to spend your life somewhere else without your friends and family? 

When I was 20 I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I moved to London. It’s been 7 years since I made this decision, but I am not regretting, because it was the best decision of my life. Even when my parents thought that I will come back after one month with a bad experience (and they were right), but when I was back at home I was more and more missing London, so I tried it again. Never gave up things which you really want! NEVER!

I think as someone who is a few years living abroad I can give you advance and a little hack what will change if you will follow your idea about the move to abroad. 

Where is home

It’s really difficult to answer this question. I just don’t know what to answer, because London is my home but also I love the Czech Republic. I am sure that once I will leave London, but it will be always my home.

New friendships

You will see how people are different and you will make new friendships! But be aware! These friendships couldn’t be for a long time because as I know people are moving a lot! So after one year of big friendship, your friend can leave back home. I know so many friends of mine who moved back home. There is one a lovely thing about that! You will appreciate every friendship more!

You will change a lot your personality

Even if you don’t want you will act like people around you! You will try to keep their traditions, speak their language, trying traditional meals. Also, you will know where is the best coffee, bar, restaurant etc … Once when you will be back in your country you will see things differently. It’s awesome to be learning new cultures.

The show will go on (without you)!

Your friends will get married, babies will be born, your friends will be happy and upset at some point, and maybe everything will be without you. You will see all those things on social sites and you will be sad, curious because these big parts of the lives are without you. You will appreciate every time when you will be with your friends and family. Also, your friends won’t be sharing your experience and the things which you get in abroad.

You will get real friendships

When you will move away you will see how’s your friends will sort out. You will be in contact with the best friends who will be with you all long years, and be always waiting when you will be back for vacations. They will know all your struggles, loves experience and stories from abroad. Thank you, God, for all these friends!

Sad things at home

The worst part of living abroad! When sad things will happen at your home you will be away and more upset that you are too far. Also, always will see mum’s sad face when you will leave home or you will tell that you are not coming over on Christmas.

Honeymoon is over

To be living in abroad is amazing but there is the moment when you will have to pay all taxes, bills, expensive rent or be sharing flat with other flatmates. From the beginning everything is nice and you are wearing pink glasses, but after a few months, you will see things differently. At some point, that’s a reason why people are coming back home.

Stronger you!

The best thing about living abroad is that you are getting stronger every time when you are alone, struggling or dealing with life in the new country. You will be more independent and able to make things work. Also, you will work harder to reach your goals, dreams, career etc …

Ready go back

I am not saying that I will go back to the Czech Republic, but when I will be ready and got this feeling I will go. Nothing is going to stop you to be back with your family and friends. Life abroad is more than I can explain but there are still some things which you will miss.

If you are thinking about moving away and start a new life, just do it! You will have time to be thinking about your future wherever it will be. Good luck :) 





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