Happiness Comes First: Little Changes For A Healthy Life

If you’re a little bit over an array of fitness models telling you how rock solid abs will mean a new you this year, you’re not alone. Many find the constant onslaught of influencers pressuring women to change their appearance, rather tiresome. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy lifestyle; however, there’s also nothing wrong with how you look, because you’re beautiful, just the way you are. It’s time to shift the focus in 2019 and concentrate on one thing; finding your happy place whenever you can. There are going to be bad days, because, well, you’re a human being, but, taking care of yourself can come in many forms, and can lead to a much happier, and healthier life. It’s time to stop striving for perfection and to start remembering that you’re perfect just as you are.


Forget really difficult (and often, very unrealistic) resolutions. Instead, think about the little things that will affect your life each day, small changes that might just make a big difference in the long run, and how to embrace more, rather than deny yourself all the time. If it puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step, surely it’s worth a try, right? And the best part is if something doesn’t feel good, or simply isn’t working for you; you haven’t signed any contracts, and you don’t have to keep doing it (yay). The following are some ideas and inspiration for women who want their 2019 to be even better than their 2018 and are ready to focus on happiness and wellbeing.

Lists Can Actually Make You Feel Great

What better reason to treat yourself to some new stationery in the sales, than to begin writing some lists. Lists can be great for your mental health. Even checking off the most mundane or simple of things, will bring you a sense of achievement, and remind you that you’re continuing to move forward and get stuff done. Once you get into the swing of things, you can begin to categorize your lists. Perhaps divide them into what needs to be done around the house, what you want to get done when studying or at work, and any communication or appointments you need to sort out. Whether it’s heading to your family planning clinic, picking up the ingredients for Taco Tuesday, or changing the bedsheets; they all belong on your list, mainly so you can tick them off or cross them out, and feel great about it.


Listing your daily tasks and chores is also a great way to help with mind management; many people benefit from writing things down so that they don’t get forgotten. Even if you don’t get round to doing something on a particular day, it’ll be written down; inning you peace of mind that it’s going to get done at some point. You could take things up a notch and try bullet journaling; a popular option for many creatives, writers, and bloggers. Check out a guide to beginning your first journal, and give yourself another excellent excuse to head to Paperchase on Saturday (not to mention a pat on the back). Don’t forget that lists can be popped anywhere; you might find a small pad better for carrying around with you, or perhaps you prefer something larger, like a chalkboard in your bedroom or by the front door. It’s all about what works best for you, and as stated before; if something doesn’t work, stop doing it and try something else.

Nourish Yourself, Don’t Deny Yourself


You probably already know, but diets don’t work. For a start, denying yourself of anything you find delicious will make you pretty grumpy, and it’s not worth the disappointment when you’re striving for impossible results. Therefore, it’s time to think about how you can add to your meals and snacks, rather than what you can delete. Small changes to what you pop on your plate, can make a big difference to how you feel. Nobody is suggesting buying a tonne of goji berries and sprinkling them on everything. However, why not make January the month you try a few new options. You could pimp your eggs on toast with some toasted seeds, and why stick to a plain yogurt when there are an array of ingredients you can add to make it even more delicious?

Stop putting off trying that new Lebanese restaurant, or refurbished Indian street Food eatery; book a table and turn your Thursday night from a bit drab to absolutely delicious. Even cooking from scratch from a recipe online, or in that cookbook, you got for Christmas two years ago, will give your week such a positive boost. It doesn’t count as much effort if you get to eat the rewards afterward. Pick up one or two items that you’ve never tried before, in the supermarket each week, and incorporate them into a recipe, or base a meal around them. New things will always bring a smile to your face, and you’ll be nourishing yourself physically and mentally. Also, imagine all the food you’ll end up ticking off your list!

Appreciating Your Girl (Or Boy, Or Both) Gang

If there are people in your life who lift your spirits, make you smile, and even better, laugh, it’s time to arrange a friend date. Whether it’s a quick catch-up over coffee with someone you’ve recently met, or you fancy staying in, in your PJs, and inviting your besties over for a movie night (with plenty of snacks, obviously); as a notable brand once said, just do it. Try and change some of your “we really should”s into “let’s do *insert something fun here”s instead. Even if it just means opening up communication a little more; you could set a reminder in your phone to message that WhatsApp group, or better yet; pop that phone call you’ve mean meaning to make onto your ever-increasing list. A little more company, fun, and communication is always a great thing, and it’ll contribute to those smiles, and your wellbeing, for a healthier approach to the year ahead.

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