What do I Love about London?

It’s been 7 years since I moved to London and every year I am more grateful and happier here. Well, I can’t count my complaining about how expensive living is here, but I love this city a lot! Let me tell you why I am happy for London and living in this metropole.

Never Alone

London population is something around 8,136 mil. so you never will be alone. Even if you will feel alone, there is always a chance to meet someone or just be outside with people. Also, there are so many cool places where you can find new friends easily.

Great Food

I am pretty foodie girl, so that’s a big reason for me to Love London. You can find every World cuisine and try too many options. The best places to find Street Food are Borough Market, Camden Town, Maltby Market Street, Broadway Market or Whitecross Market. If you are more fancy to eat in posh&quality restaurants you can choose from 87 Michelin Star restaurants across the city. Crazy, right?


Another thing why I love it here is coffee! I found myself to be drinking coffee every morning and if I don’t have this morning routine, trust me you will see me pretty moody and with a headache. Let’s say the coffee is a booster for me and I start my day with a cup of strong coffee. My favorite Cafés are Peggy Porschen or Grind . There are more Cafés which you can explore and that’ a fun, right?


I love Summer and London is the perfect place for everyone who loves the parks. You can find the park almost everywhere so you are not too far from kick the ball or do a barbeque in the summer.


So easy to travel across the city! I am lucky to be living close from the centre and have almost all kind of transports around my place. Maybe, you will be feeling confused in reading all lines but It’s ok. I think we all started a little bit confused and didn’t know where to go. Also, London has River Transport!! What is great if you want to have a nice view of London.


When I was 20 years old and deciding where I wanna spend my life I was comparing London with Rome. I love old cities with history. Well, I could move easily to Prague, but I wanted something new and be around new people speaking different languages. When I moved to London my first big trip was London Bridge and I can still be feeling this moment when I fall in love with the old part and the new part which was seeing behind. I can I share my favorite places, it would be Hampstead, Canary Wharf and Archway. 

Canary Wharf

The place where my dreams started. When I was on DLR and seeing all modern building, people so professionals and serious I loved this. This place kept me be motivated. I was traveling to Canary Wharf almost every day to see my old love, trying to find a job and be fighting for something that I couldn’t explain. Still, when I am there I have bittersweet feelings which are more connected with my memories.


London is a good place if you want to earn money for travel. Well, life is quite pricey here but at some point, you can travel everywhere and if you know how to keep your traveling not too expensive, you are a winner. I found traveling much cheaper here in London, than in the Czech Republic. Also, because of 4 airports which Heathrow is the biggest one you can get to everywhere pretty easily.

ART, Museums, theaters

Londoners love Art and culture and maybe that’s a reason why London has the best galleries and shows in the world. London is the second city after New York with the number of shows. You can find Street Art, Modern Art, classic Art in the National Gallery or see some shows, opera, ballet, comedy shows etc … Everyone can choose! You are not bored at all.

I am free

The last thing and the most important which I love in London and why I’ve been still here is this feeling of freedom. I love to be free, independent and Invisible. London is giving me feel that I can wear, say, do whatever I want. No one and nothing is holding my hands.

And why do you love London?

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