Why it’s OK not to be OK

We are living in this time when everything has to be only positive! We have to keep a positive mind, positive energy, positive posts on social sites or to be still in the good mood because when we are just a little bit upset, immediately something is wrong with us and we are dealing with too many questions from all people around or you are just rude for them.

Let me tell you one thing! It’s absolutely fine to be sad or just not in the mood. 

I found Instagram to be a super happy place where everyone is happy, beautiful with the perfect life, but behind that, even the best insta blogger is struggling with depressions or bad days as we all are. My Instagram is my own happy place, where I can post my travel photos, where I can be chatting with my friends or be inspired by amazing bloggers, but on other sites, I found myself to be struggling because of Instagram a lot!

When I posted on Instagram the post about me to be sad and fighting with some things, I was feeling bad to be sharing my “unhappy” moments, but at some point I did it! I wanted to be real! I wanted to show to all my friends that I am not happy and I wanna talk about that. But still, there was some kind of feeling which was telling me that I do the wrong thing to be sharing that I am not happy! I thought that people will judge me for it.

Why is that?

In this time we are fighting for too many things! Good job, keep yourself motivated, keep your partner happy, be fit, attractive, be happy during that we are reading self-help books and at the end of the day we are sad and feeling alone. We are meeting different people who are not always honest and after we are feeling upset again. Too many things for a little heart.

I would like to say that be sad it’s a natural thing and we don’t need to hide it or be afraid because we are not too happy and positive. Don’t ask yourself if you are good enough for this job, if you are enough for someone, just let this feeling go. You are pretty enough and if there is someone who is just making things not clear or you are not feeling comfortable to be around, run away! This person never will be good for you. 

When something is wrong!

Just talk to your friends! I am lucky enough to have great girls around who are always here, and even when I am super annoying and still talking about the same thing, they are still around and have some new and new ideas how to deal with my situation. 

My secret tips!

Make a day only for yourself!  If you are down or just under the mood, be alone! Let’s be open for your sadness. I was fighting a lot with my personal sadness and was still telling myself to do things but I was too down to go to the gym or be cooking etc … And after all, I was feeling more down because I didn’t do anything. Finally, when I was feeling better I was able to do what I promised to myself. I take 2-3 days when I am more alone, I am driving, listening to sad songs and thinking about everything. When I am at home I do beauty or movie nights. Just chill, but also during these days I am trying to do some things which I like. Let’s say I do writing, blogging etc … 

I know everyone would tell me that this is not the right key to be sad, but I don’t wanna push something that is natural feel.

Also, always trust your gut! If there is the upsetting thing or something not too clear, be strong enough to leave! Be proud that you have your standards and you know what is good or bad for you.

I am sending love xxx




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