Marrakesh Travel Guide

One of my favorite places is definitely Marrakesh! It was the best trip at all and I learned a lot about their cultures and traditions. NOt sure why but Morroco is this country which gives you a lot but takes a less. Also, I will share one thing which I didn’t like and surprisingly it’s not about people in Marrakesh but about us … Europeans.

I have a few tips which can help you in Marrakesh!

Have cash/unblock your account

I didn’t know anything about to unblock my bank account for Morroco! I have HSBC bank which unblocked my account immediately from the chat. In case you wouldn’t be able to use any ATM machines in Morroco! Be sure that you have cash! Especially on the market, you are not able to pay by card. The best way how to exchange the money is at the airport in Morroco. Be prepared for long queues at the airport.

Spend all your dirhams! It’s not worthy to take them back home even you are not allowed to buy anything at the airport in the duty-free shops!


Marrakesh is shoppers paradise! Make sure that you have enough cash and space in the suitcase! You will have the opportunity to buy a different kind of handicraft goods. Actually, the funniest part of the shopping in Marrakesh is bargaining. You will be absolutely happy with everything and you will see that be complaining about the price is fun. The price is different everywhere. One place will sell you the handcrafted bowl for 150 dirhams and another place will sell the same bowl for 40 dirhams. So there is always space for a little bargain. However, you want to get price low don’t forget that it’s quality handcraft work and selling is their only one way how to make some money! I was more than happy to give them money which they asked me at first.

The best place for shopping:

  1. The Souks: Get ready to be lost in the labyrinth.
  2. Djemaa El-fna
  3. Rue Souq-el-Kebir


Morroco is heaven during the meals! You will get really quality food full of different tastes. The most popular is the tajine, a slowly cooked meat, fruit, vegetable and nuts. Also, you should to try Morrocan’s couscous.

Top Sight in Marrakesh

  1. Djemaa El Fna
  2. Jardin Majorelle
  3. Museé Yves Saint Laurent
  4. Ali Ben Youssef Medersa
  5. Museé de Marrakech
  6. Bahia Palace
  7. Le Jardin Secret
  8. Kotoubia Mosque

Atlas mountains

If you will go to Atlas mountains be aware to choose quality guide with you.  I recommend booking the trip online than in the market. The prices are different but we book a quite nice trip including the camel ride for 32 pounds. You can check the Viator for more information. I can recommend it a lot! It’s amazing to see the life outside from Marrakesh.

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