Confidence Hacks: Fake it Till You Make It

Confidence is a tricky thing. From the outside, it can seem as though some people have it, and others don’t. Some people that you meet just radiate confidence. They stand tall, they speak clearly, and you can just tell that they are confident in themselves and their ideas. These are often the people that are the life and soul of the party, that put themselves forward for challenges at work, and are always surrounded by people. Others are quiet, withdrawn and anxious. They might step away from the spotlight, and to someone just meeting them, seem to have a lack of self-confidence.

But, these first views are often wrong. It’s never as simple as what we see on the outside. Those quiet people at the back of the room might be simmering with great ideas and inner strength. The people that seem to be the centre of attention might be desperately hiding behind a mask, their self-confidence constantly faltering. The point is, you never know how someone feels inside.

Self-confidence is essential, no matter how you show it to the rest of the world. Being quietly confident in yourself and your abilities can improve your mood, it can help you to face new challenges, and it can improve your relationships. Being confident can make life easier and even improve your physical health. Unfortunately, however, it’s not as simple as deciding to be confident, it can be an uphill struggle. But, believe it or not, faking it can help. Using these confidence hacks, to fake it, can over time help you to really feel it and change how other people treat you.


Confident people smile. They look happy and in control. They brighten the room. But, we don’t just smile because we’re happy. It can also work the other way. Smiling can make you happy by stimulating the release of happy chemicals in your brain.

One thing that stops many of us from smiling confidently is our teeth. Visit Mona Vale Dental for help if you are feeling self-conscious about your smile.

Stand Tall

When you stand tall, you look taller, slimmer, well toned and alert. You look like you know what you are doing and people will treat you as such. When you slouch, with your head down, you look like you are hiding away. Stand straight, with your shoulders back, your tummy tucked in and your head high. You’ll look more confident, and it’ll help your posture and back health.

Look People in the Eye

Eye contact can be tough when you’ve got low self-confidence. But, it will help. People trust eye contact, it makes you seem open and honest, and you’ll get the same back.


Exercise helps your body to release more of those happy chemicals and hormones that make you feel good. But, it also takes you out of your own head and helps you to feel more connected to your body. Regular exercise is great for your self-confidence. But, even doing some simple stretches or going for a walk around the office before a big meeting can help you to get over your nerves and present yourself confidently.

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