Looking After Future You

It might not be something that you love to think about, but future you will appreciate it if you do. There are a few things that you can do that will help make sure that later in life, no matter where you are now, is a little bit sweeter.


If you have trouble sleeping or being able to wind down, then you should address that as soon as possible. For most of us, if we are stressed, or we eat the wrong thing before we go to bed, it is an impossible task. And there are so many methods – from getting out of bed if you don’t fall asleep in 20 minutes that you should get up and do something until you feel tired. Another is that you shouldn’t try to sleep because actively trying to sleep means your brain will start monitoring you trying to sleep and stay awake to do it.

Having an evening routine, that involves almost the same thing each day will mean that your brain will start switching off when certain things happen.

Millions of people use the Calm app now, and either meditate or use the sleep story function to drift off slowly.

Making sure that you get enough rest will help with things like metabolism, mood, weight, stress management, and other mental health issues.


We don’t all have a lot of spare cash we can save with minimal effort. Sometimes we really need to look at where we can trim. If you really struggle to save manually, then you might like to check out Plum or Cleo. They automatically work out what you can afford to save each week and put it away for you. Plum also has the option to learn about investments too. It isn’t so much about saving for a rainy day, but saving for a day, you need it. It might be a big purchase, it might be to see you through your retirement in somewhere cool like https://yukana.org.au, or it might be to leave to potential grandchildren.

Whatever it is, try and make an effort to put a little away.


This point could have been about drinking more water, or eating a little bit greener. But the truth is that being at peace with as many people in your life as possible is never going to be something you regret.

Make the decision to talk to and take care of the people that you are close to. And the people that aren’t so close, or haven’t been great in recent years – don’t feel bad about leaving them behind.

Do the things that make you happy. It might be stamp collecting, it might be a photographer – whatever it is do it.

If it brings you some happiness, and you enjoy it, then it is worth doing.

No one really knows what the future brings, but we do know that making the most of the time we have, with the people we love is pretty much paramount. Saving, taking daily walks, drinking plenty of water will never see you wrong.

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