The Truth About Being Single and Happy

Women are constantly being told who we should be. We should be innocent and sweet young girls, we should become wonderful wives, we should be doting mothers. But we can’t all be like that!

Despite all the pressure that society puts on women to behave in particular ways, there are still those who realize the value in going their own way. You don’t have to have a man in your life to be happy and if you don’t want kids then that’s fine – the planet is hardly going to suffer for one less human being!

Here’s the truth about being single and happy.

Control Over Your Body

We should all have the freedom to truly express who we are without feeling judged and for women, this often means taking control of our bodies. We are constantly being told that we need to be thinner, prettier, have bigger boobs, have bigger bums, have smaller waists… the list goes on. Indeed, the idea of being single and happy with your body is often regarded as a sign that you’ve given up on trying to please a man. Fine!

Think about what you really want from your body. Are you truly unhappy with the way you look or have you just been pressured into thinking that way? When you have full control over your body, you will be able to think more clearly about how you want it to be. This doesn’t mean that you have to get a tubal ligation or get pregnant right now. Give yourself time to choose what you know is right for you, not for everyone else.

The Confidence to Choose

We are all subject to societal pressures and many people find themselves going through the motions of relationships because they simply can’t break the pattern and find something more meaningful to them. It takes confidence to forge a path that no-one else is following but when you think about some of the great women of history, this is exactly what they did.

Having the confidence to do your own thing might sound overwhelming right now but empowering yourself to change is still really important. Look people in the eyes, know in yourself that you are worthy and good and fill the space you are in. You are the best person to judge what is best for you, you just need the confidence to choose.

Open to Change

Change is one of the most difficult things to grasp. We are all programmed to prefer constants over variables, we like to know what is coming next and we fall back on traditions because they are comforting. But the real secret of being single and happy is being open to change.

If you are willing to take the risk and be completely yourself, you are part of a growing movement. Instead of resisting change, consider what the change might bring. When you are not worrying about being in a relationship, what else can you pursue? What can you learn about yourself while you are alone?

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