27 Birthday in Turkey

Before I will write a proper travel guide from Istanbul I have to say I had the most beautiful birthday weekend I’ve ever had in my whole life. Well, all my birthday weekends were nice and unique, but this weekend was a little bit more special. And I will tell you why! I visited Istanbul! 

So let me tell you something more about my last trip to Istanbul!

I will start with a little gratefulness as I am lucky to have an amazing friend and travel mate who are always keen to travel everywhere and especially If there is any reason, and as you know the birthday is the best reason to travel!

First idea!

I will be honest but Istanbul had never been my top travel destination! Not sure why, but I guess I just had some silly prejudices about the lifestyle, safety etc … so I was keeping myself far away from the idea travel to Istanbul. However, I changed my mind one day! Maybe because of my silly prejudices which were absolutely useless and I wanted to show myself that also I can be wrong sometimes …  So, I took as my next destination Istanbul and it was the best thing ever! I think I am not going to judge the city before I will visit it! I was really wrong!

Istanbul is a thousand years old city, which was first named as Byzantium and later as Constantinople. Now it’s known as Istanbul. So If you are planning to visit this city be ready to explore really old places and history!

Flight Ticket&hotel

I love to travel because you can be always playing and comparing with the price. The final price for hotel&flight was only 153 pounds, which I think is pretty cheap for a city break weekend. We traveled straight after work with midnight flight so you can imagine us to look like two super tired zombies waiting hours and hours for check in! Actually, I am not surprised that we took two hours nap in the hotel. We booked tickets via Expedia.uk.

How to getting there

You can choose from three international airports Ataturk Airport, Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gokcen. I think the best would be to choose closer airport because our flight was landing and leaving to Sabiha Gokcen and it’s a little bit far.  For transport from the Airport, we used Havabus which take you to the central. We paid 18 TL. It’s quite easy!

Transport in Istanbul

I didn’t get it! Sorry, but I didn’t understand the Istanbul card and all transport system in Istanbul. I think it’s much cheaper if you really planning to travel cross Istanbul, but because we walked a lot we didn’t use it! For Istanbul card you will pay 6TL deposit and after you will have top-up always when you will use the train, tube …

Where to stay

Let me tell you that I wasn’t thinking a lot about accommodation so we wanted only some random hotel in central. At the end, we were pretty lucky as we didn’t do research because we were in the old part of town and only 10 min from the Blue Mosque. Try to get accommodation in Sura Hagia Sophia hotel.


So I am older again and I am going to hold number 27! Not exactly sure about my wishes, because I think there is always something to wish for, but I just hope that 27 is going to be my lucky age and I will explore more countries, learn more things about people and cultures.

If you are thinking about spending a birthday with traveling I can only say “go for it”! It’s the best way how to celebrate your personality and passion for traveling

So let’s make some plans for another exciting trip ….


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