Try it! My favorite Green Curry


Happy day!

Today I am bringing you my favorite Curry recipe! I am a big lover of all curry meals and trust me I could to eat them every single day. Yep! Especially if the curry meal is super spicy! Yum !! 

Well, so this recipe is super easy and take more or less only 30 mins! So let’s get started!

Also, this meal was my favorite when I was trying a low-carb diet! 



1 portion Chicken breast

1 tsp green curry


150 ml of coconut milk

1 tsp fish sauce

5 mushrooms

1 green pepper

1 broccoli

1 chili pepper




  • Cut chicken breast into strips and roasted them on the pan for 5-10 mins. Leave it on the side!
  • Exactly, the same process does with all vegetable! Cut all veggie into strips and roast it on the pan. As first roast the mushrooms and add slowly the rest of the vegetables. Roast it for 5 minutes and leave it on the side.
  • In the same pan, you can start frying the curry paste on a little bit of oil. Add half of the coconut milk and cook it on medium heat until sauce is smooth.
  • When the sauce is smooth add ginger, fish sauce, and chili. Put in all vegetable and chicken so all ingredients will be cooked properly. If the sauce is really smooth you can add a little bit more coconut milk.
  • Let’s leave it to cook on medium heat for the next 15 mins. Serve with the rice and chili.

This recipe is really easy and I am sure you will enjoy preparing! I have one big news about my new foodie Instagram! I was thinking about something more special and because I call myself a super foodie and I love trying, making and enjoying food, I made new Instagram account also for you. You can find all my recipes, my experience or just tips what to buy. Let’s share a little bit from the Food world. 

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