My Sweet Home

I can’t believe!

I can’t believe that it’s been almost 8 years since I moved to London. I was 19 years old girl when I was telling my mum that I wanna leave the Czech Republic and try something new!

It’s funny how I see things differently now and how moving to abroad change you! Well, I am not 19 years old girl anymore, I get more experience, I found how difficult to be alone without family and friends and also I found how awesome is to be independent.

Living in London

If you have experience of living in London you will agree with me that it’s a pretty expensive city. Especially the rents! People are mostly sharing accommodation because it’s cheaper. Price for quite nice rent in central is from 800 pounds per month. If you are dreaming about own accommodation you can also pay the studio, which is one room including the kitchen. For this type of accommodation, you pay 900 pounds per month. The flat is from 1100 pounds per month, all depends on the area and size of the flat.

London is one of the most expensive cities in the Wold and if you wanna live here, be ready that the rent will cost you more than anything else.

My flat

When I moved to London I was living my dream! I was exploring the places and I set new goals. One of those goals was to have own place. I knew that it’s really expensive and tricky but I was dreaming about that. I can say that to be able to pay own place took 5 years! Really! It was hard work and so many new experiences. But I did it.

I love my flat! It wasn’t cozy and nice like now, but I made it home! I remember my first night in the flat. I was feeling so alone but happy. I had quite a big problem to be living alone as I had been living with families or friends for almost 6 years. So there was one day when I decided to make my home. I painted the walls, cleaned everything, bought new decorations and asked my landlord to buy a new sofa.

I have to say now I feel it like a home and I love my place. I feel safe inside and I love to be inside even alone! 

My decoration

I have to say I love minimalism. Just a little bit of furniture and that’s all. The best decoration is my vinyl player! It’s my best friend for my special moments and resting. I bought a BUSH player and I am absolutely melting from the sound of this player. The vinyl records are available in charity shops or special music shops. 

Another favorite decoration in my flat it big deer paint. I was passing one charity shop in Crouch End and I must buy it! It’s so lovely and great looking in my living room.

Even when it’s one bedroom flat I think it’s enough big for a couple. Well, I am enjoying the flat alone but I am sure it good size also for one more. 

Let’s talk about my bedroom which is super simple and actually not too big. I Love cushions so you can find more than 10 cushions on my bed. I am planning to buy some storage trunks which help me to sort out all my stuff.

There also my balcony with an amazing view of Archway Tower which is only 5 mins by walk from my flat. 

When I was making a decision if to rent the flat or be in a share house again, I think I made a good decision. I love my place and I can be happy that I can have my privacy, which we all need, especially after a long day.


Well, the kitchen is a little bit smaller, but still, I can make all the cooking there. I am keeping all the presents and magnets from traveling on the fridge and around! I know it’s making my kitchen a little bit messy but I like to see the places which I visited. 

I have to say that the kitchen and living room are the places where I spend most of my time. I love cooking so I am still making something. In the future, I will be more than grateful for a huge kitchen as it’s an annoying bit when you don’t have enough space to cook like a chef. :)


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