Staying safe as Solo female traveler

Summer is here and I am sure you are planning some trips with your friends, family, partner or alone!! Yes, you can also travel as a solo. Well, it’s not for everyone but I can tell you it’s an amazing experience and definitely, it’s worthy to try it.

My story as a solo traveler

My first solo trip was to London. Yep! The city which I’ve chosen for my life. I was 19 years old and I made a big decision to move away. I took it as a solo with the non-clear end. The second trip was to Rome which is my favorite city and after the first visit, I didn’t have enough so I booked another trip but as a solo an I can tell you it was awesome! I was feeling so independent and happy when I walked alone. Also, I visited Switzerland, France, Ibiza as a solo traveler.

Solo trip Rome 2017. Still the best city I've visited so far

How to stay safe

I will be honest but I am not get scared too easily so more or less I am the leader of all my trips and I don’t have any thoughts about “someone is going to hurt me” or “something bad is going to happen”. Maybe I was lucky but all my trips were pretty easy going.

I am a big fan of solo traveling and I think it’s a great experience and people should try it. Even once in life.

I found some travel hacks which can help you travel as a solo girl

1. Don’t say where you live

During your solo traveling, you will be meeting new people, even when they seem to be friendly and nice they don’t need to know where is your accommodation. Especially if you feel uncomfortable.

2. Always charge your phone!

This is from my personal experience! Always have a power bank or charger. My experience was in Paris when all the trains were canceled during the night and I spent the night in Paris without the phone and money! Trust me this is a life lesson.

3. Trust your instincts

We all have some feelings from different kind of situations. If you feel like something is not cool during your traveling, just trust your gut. You don’t need to push yourself to do something dangerous or be around dangerous people.

4. Learn about the country you visit

I think to get ready for travel is the key to successful travel. Be ready for traditions, different cultures, different clothes, religion, etc … I think it’s good to be ready and accept different cultures. Especially some cultures are more strict and you don’t wanna get into the troubles only because you didn’t know that. If you want to be leaving alone try to be dress like a local.

5. Book some day tours

If you don’t feel safe int he city or you are just feeling alone try to book a daily tour or some attractions. It will make you feel better. You will meet new people and you will be safe.

6. Stay in contact

Well, it’s not always easy to stay in contact especially if you travel to different continents, but the key how to stay safe is your friends and family. They can stay calm and you can get help. 

7. Enough money

If you have enough money you can get pay for your help. In some countries, it’s a big thing and local people will be more willing to help you. Also, it’s important if you will need some medical help. Always be sure you have some extra money in your pocket.

8. Don’t get too drunk

We all know it, right?  … You have a great time, meeting new friends, the new place is so fun, but there is always big warming about alcohol. It’s a trouble maker so If you want to stay safe and enjoyed your trip stay with a clear head. 

9. Make a plan

Again … get ready. Make a full trip plan. Don’t be surprised and in danger only because you didn’t search before. It takes only a few minutes to get some transport information or basic information about the place.

10. Enjoy your company

Well, you will be meeting new faces and maybe you will find new friends but don’t forget that in the deepest loneliness we can do mistakes. Try to enjoy your own company! Be independent and confident to spend quality time with your thoughts. 

For this article, I used some photos from my solo traveling. You can see that I enjoyed it a lot. Selfies, snapchat but also self-taking photos! 

Solo traveling is fun and I know that it’s pretty scary but once when you try it you will love it.

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