Style Yourself Fabulous For Travel This Season!

When we travel, we often find it difficult to find things to pack. We may never know what the weather is going to be like in the chosen destination, or if you’re doing multiple cities, it may feel so difficult to pack the right things and within your budget. However, making conscious decisions beforehand is perfect to give you an idea of what can look great and what is going to keep you both warm and cool (depending on the weather), whilst you’re on the road this season. Here are some versatile options to pop inside your case!

The trench coat-dress

Look at a wonderful 2 in 1 outfit – co-ords are still in fashion and never left. An awesome trench coat that can be worn in the traditional way but also as a dress. When an outfit is versatile and makes us feel good, we make it our own without a second thought. 



Especially this year, fashion is not meant to highlight an outfit as modern if it does not include a nice, lively, pair of sneakers. So, dare to combine them with dresses and skirts, in all lengths. You will conquer the ultimate comfort and the sharpest style.

Faux Leather skirt

A trend that this year will trigger beautiful appearances from morning to night and will leave our animal-friendly conscience feeling just fine no matter the city you’re in! 

Ankle boots with a special heel

If you keep low tones in your outfit or you are looking to find an accessory that transforms, at the moment, a pair of ankle boots with a special heel, it will definitely do its stylistic miracle. You don’t want to walk around a city with big heels, you won’t be comfortable so to enjoy it, even more, choose boots that, in addition to their originality, will also have a comfortable line, but also a heel height that will allow you to wear them from morning to night.

The boho dress

The boho dress can be worn more times than we suspect. As long as it maintains the right balance in its prints and shades. This particular boho dress meets the above specifications and in this particular look gave a nice casual version, with the knitted cardigan, the sneakers, and the hat. But think how impressively feminine it can be if combined with high heeled boots, without tights and a nice red lipstick.

Styled glasses

Make sure that you style your glasses to your outfit this season! Choose a frame and design that really suits your face and this way you can look good and match your outfits. A simple chic black or maybe a tortoiseshell, take a look at

The shirt-dress

This is the perfect winter version of the shirt dress that we love to wear in the summer. With the right design, “pied de poule”, in this case, a flattering length and a nice belt in the middle can set your style and mood at the moment. With high or flat shoes it looks just as nice. If you combine it with a nice beret, get ready to conquer the perfect “je ne sais quoi” style.

The beige trench coat

The beige trench coat does not need recommendations. It is a must-have. This one has a perfect beige shade, a very nice fluid line that embraces the body and a flattering length. In this particular look, you can combine it with a classic shirt with prints and black jeans with heeled boots for an elegant office look. 

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