Are You Healthy, Or Do You Need A Little More Assistance?

Are you healthy, do you properly assess your health, is there anything that can be done to improve your health and if so, what is the right way to do it. The population is very diverse, and the understanding of health differs from person to person. Each of us perceives his health differently. If we take 2 people with the same data and ask them if they are healthy we are not sure we will get the same answer. One may consider themselves a healthy person while the other thinks they have something to improve, even though they are both in the same health condition. So the first step in improving your health is to understand what your true health condition is and whether there is anything to improve.


The “seemingly healthy” group. 

Those who think they are healthy but are not completely healthy. What do I mean? People with various health problems and not much overweight, who attribute the health problems and the decline in their function to age. In their opinion, as they get older, there is the legitimacy for weight gain and the fact that different systems in the bodywork less well. Is it true? In most cases not. While there are systems in the body that do function less well with age, a large portion should not change. This group also includes those who take medications for chronic diseases but think it is okay because they are “balanced with the medications.” You may feel overall satisfied with your health, but there will be ways to significantly improve your health too. Simple solutions such as added exercise or a better sleep routine. You should consider looking at health coaching also which can be beneficial. What health coaches actually do is incredible, so you should certainly look into this. 

What can affect your health?

In general, our bodies are getting older so things we dealt with easily once were harder for us today. We may get more aches and pains than we used to. One of the reasons is the erosion of certain mechanisms, and also an excess of toxins that accumulates in the body and grows over the years. The most obvious example is our bone density. Bone density decreases over the years, which is definitely a parameter that depends on age. Bone density is favourably affected by growth hormones that are active in our body when we are young. However, our blood pressure or cholesterol is not age-dependent. The statement “my blood pressure is normal for my age” is incorrect. Our blood pressure depends on the cleanliness and elasticity of the arteries and the thickness of the blood. Proper nutrition will lower the total amount of cholesterol, cause cholesterol not to settle in our arteries and cause blood to become thinner. Exercise will raise the level of good cholesterol that cleanses the arteries and will leave them open and flexible. From time to time it is also possible to do an initiated detoxification that will further improve the situation – your health is in your hands. So, are you healthy enough? 

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